Best Ways to Earn Money Online in This Corona Time

This Guide will provide you best possible solutions to earn money online, you don't have to go anywhere. Just sit on chair and open laptop to earn money...

In this corona period, where everyone is locked on their home. Not everyone want to go outside of their house, But earning money is also important, and for earning money , peoples have to go outside for work.
But if you don’t want to go anywhere and wanted to be safe and stay at your home.

Here I’m listing some best way to earn money by living inside your home. Yes it’s all about online work.
So you basically need 3 things for earning money online.

  1. A high speed internet connection.
  2. A Laptop
  3. A Smartphone

So here are some best ways to make money online

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Youtube Videos
  4. Online Gaming
  5. Sell your services on fiverr
  6. SEO
  7. Stock Trading
  8. Sell Online Courses
  9. Data Entry Jobs
  10. Facebook Advertising

If you are good at something , use your that skill to make money online.

If you have some knowledge on any field, not here is not listed, please mention on Comment section, I will tell you what you can do to make money onlineā€¦

#1. Blogging

I’m listing blogging on top, Because Blogging is the life term Online money making machine, So if your blog stands in croud, then you will earn unlimited money by doing simple things.

But Blogging as a newbie is not a easy thing, It takes time and many strategy to rank your blog, because without ranking you will not earn any money. It takes your time, patience, your full focus. So if you have passion on writing on any topic, you can start a blog. If you will start receiving traffic on your blog, then you can monetize your blog traffic in many ways.

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#2. Affiliate Marketing

In Online money making guide, we listed affiliate marketing as the 2nd best option for online earning.

In affiliate marketing, the affiliate has a commission based income. When you help to increase sales of any brand or product, They will give you commission. So more effort you put in and the more sales you make, the better.

With affiliate marketing, you register as an affiliate partner with trustworthy brand in your niche. You can register with as many affiliate networks as you want. And create links of product and share it to your blog, website, facebook , or anywhere you want. When someone buys from your link, you get a commission.

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#3. Youtube Videos


YouTube is well known and very popular video sharing website. Everyday millions of videos shared on this platform. If you have some knowledge on Video making, Editing. Then you can start your Youtube Channel and share your created videos and engage users. You can earn good income from here. You can start on any topics, like fooding, comedy, cooking, any video classes, tutorial videos, or any other you want.

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#4. Online Gaming

Gaming is also another option to make money online. If you loves to play Online Games, then you can make money by showing your game skills. You can Start streaming your live game on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming etc and start earning money. Or Join eSport Tournaments to Earn money. You can Download Gamingo App for playing games like PUBG, COD, Free Fire etc.

Gaming industry is very popular these days, And in next 4-5 years, it will be on top. So if you are thinking to make a career in Gaming Industry, It will be great.

#5. Sell your Services on fiverr

Fiverr is an one of the largest freelancing websites where users can use fiverr to Make Money From Home by completing short online freelance project. They offer many types of work. If you have knowledge in any field, then you can cash out your knowledge with the help of Fiverr. You just have to register Free on Fiverr and then create a GIG on their platform. When users find your gig useful they will buy. You have to write proper and well explanation of your service, so users can buy your gig. You can promote your gig on social media etc to get more sales.

You can sell any service in Fiverr like logo designing, website promotion, social media work, seo work, video editing, banner creation, anything you want.

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#6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Yes, SEO is also a top level work on Online Marketing field, There are many terms comes inside SEO (Search Engine Optimization). IF you have some knowledge on SEO like link building, On page, Off page SEO, Website ranking. You can Sell your SEO Services or build a website and rank that site with your SEO skills.

There are many companies and Website owners have needs of SEO experts. Any they are offering good ammount of money, you have to find and ask them for doing their work.

You can also list and sell SEO Work on websites like SEOCleark, Fiverr, Freelancer etc.

#7. Stock Trading

Trading is also a Method of Online Money making, Trading needs some investment. and its very risky, Not everyone can earn profit but you can start small and continue researching till you gain experience in this area. Once you gain knowledge and do researches, Then you will find that nothing is better than trading.

Their rates fluctuate depending on supply and demand, and economic and political influences in the world. You have to focus on which stock is likely to rise or fall in value against another. The more time you put in, the more you will earn.

#8. Sell Online Courses

On this Lockdown period, everyone is thinking about online classes, If you are a Teacher or have deep knowledge in any field, You can start your online classes in Youtube or In your own website, You can sell your online courses as users have to pay little amount to take your courses.

There are many Online courses websites are running , you can also register as a teacher and teach their users.

#9. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry jobs are always available. They are both part time as well as full time. You can easily find a part time data entry job where you fill data.

There are many types of data entry jobs available online. However you have to have 99.9% accuracy in order to get online data entry jobs. You can find data entry jobs on Freelance Marketplace, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

#10. Facebook Advertising

If you are investing too much time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Then diffidently you will have thousands of fan followings. If you have lots of fan followers on your social media accounts, then you can convert those followers into money. Yes You can. Like you can promote any product to them. There are thousands of advertisers searching those who have Facebook Pages with good numbers of followers, likes. Or Instagram followers.

If you have Facebook pages, Instagram account with high number of followers, then you can promote brands, affiliate links, and many more things to make money online right now.

Hope this guide ‘best ways to make money from home’ will help you to making money online from home for free.

There are many other ways to make money from home legitimately for free, We will add more, So keep visiting our website .

If you thought these methods will not work for you, Then You can Tell us your skills and knowledge via comments, So we will find and share best Online money making guide with your skill set.

Abhay Pratap Singh
Abhay Pratap Singh
Abhay Pratap Singh is Digital Entrepreneur, Who is Making Money From the Internet since 2012. He Also Works as a Freelancer and Does Web and Mobile app Development. Apart from That, He Invests in Stock Market and Crypto Currencies. Here in iTechCube, Writes about Blogging, WordPress Guides, and Tutorials to help begginers.

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