7 Important Things To Do Before Blogging- Must Read For Newbies

Below are some useful tips i learned from well-established bloggers thats i’m going to share with you. you must do these things before blogging. Go and read blogger tips for beginners.

#1. Make your titles catchy.

A catchy and engaging title may be a certain way to get fast guests to your Blog, a catchy title is outlined as a title that is promising within the eyes of a readers. titles area unit the most words that describes post is all regarding and it help’s audience in crucial if they are curious about that article or not, that’s why you mostly have to use a catchy and engaging title for your Blog’s post.

advantage – Internet users always click the title that appeals to them, therefore writing a decent title with a hook will increase your site’s traffic additionally will increase its SERP and find to Google’s 1st page.

#2. Optimize URLs

You need to do Permalink optimization as Google pays closely to the URLs. I suggest always use short URLs with target keywords of the subject therefore it will simply be found. The best one is to use post name as slug and remove normal words from slug. like a, the, numbers, all, on, at, etc.

You can also try this formet ….:post-name/post-id” rather than ..08/2013/post-name :p
Interlink to older posts. Internal linking is claimed to be five times higher than connected post widgets. By doing this, you connect post to readers, and will increase page views additionally.

#3. Set Up All Of Your Google Accounts.

Make sure you started Google Analytics, Gmail, Webmaster tools, Sitemaps, Feedburner etc… you wish to line all up and confirm they’re all operating properly in order that once you launch, everything is fully running order. There’s nothing worse than launching a web site, solely to search out out two days later that your feedburner link was broken otherwise you forgot to line up analytics to trace your traffic stats. additionally started all of your Social Media Profiles. don’t forgot to fill your profile i.e. WordPress admin profile.

#4. Check the Orthography and synchronic linguistics

One of the conditions for writing a decent Blog’s post post is to the elapse rules of orthography and synchronic linguistics. Sloppy orthography, grammatical errors, and poor sentence/idea construction can negatively have an effect on your quality.

#5. Use Valuable Images

Using pictures makes your posts a lot of obvious and fascinating. take care to use elevation text and a brief description once embedding your pictures.
an image helps in “beautifying” your Blog’s post and it additionally make’s it a lot of enticing to readers, that’s why you ought to add a picture that is relevant to your Blog’s Post as a result of it will encourage your Blog’s post scaners towards clicking your post link to read your post.

– Set-up social media contraption or sharing tool it will assist you expand your Blog’s Post so much and wide as a result of any time a reader shares your Blog’s Post with there friends you have got an opportunity of gaining a lot of audience to your Blog and post, you gain a lot of readers when your Blog’s Post is shared by your Blog readers that’s the most reason why you ought to integrate social media contraption or plugins on your Blog’s post.

#6. Summarize your post

A outline may be a short means of explaining or summarizing everything you have got been talking regarding on a Blog’s Post, and it is employed by search engines for describing what your Blog’s Post is all near to viewers.

#7. Checks All Of Your Pages And Content

Are your archives in order? will the 404 page work properly? area unit all of the social media links acting on your page? will your contact kind work? These area unit simply a number of of the items you ought to examine simply to create certain that your web site is fully operating order. I can’t tell you ways over and over I’ve designed a web site, got it running so forgot to see the 404 pages or however the positioning displays the search results. It’s the small things that count – confirm you’re not trying them over.

Thats it!!

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