Top 5 Tools to Check Keyword Rankings in Google

Just the way, website rankings can be very crucial to understand the development of a website, in the same manner, keyword ranking is equally important to analyze a website’s performance.

A website owner may spend a lot amount of time deciding on the keyword that is to be used for great traffic but to analyze those keywords; their performance is to be determined. Keeping a track of the performance of various keywords is very necessary if you want to grow your website in the right direction and at a faster pace.

Benefits of determining Keyword Rankings:

    1. Helps in boosting up the traffic to your website.
    2. Boosts the revenue generation of monetized websites.
    3. Hassle free determination of opponents.
    4. Determination of the keywords which bring the most amount of traffic.

Top 5 tools to check  your Keyword Rankings in Google:

Here are top 5 keyword rank checker tools. check keyword ranking on google of your site with these Tools.

1. SEMrush.

SEMrush doubtlessly bags the very first position when Google Keyword Rankings are considered. It is a great website which helps you determine quite accurate results.

No matter whichever social platform is used, SEMrush works for all. It not only helps in finding the ranking of the keywords, but also is a great tool to find out what are the best keywords which you must use for your website or blog.

Along with that, SEMrush can be used to analyze your competition in the market. You can do this by finding out the keywords that are used by your competitors.

All the keywords that the audience is using to find out websites that belong to your niche or category –you get to know them all and which is very important as it helps in brining a lot of traffic.

All in all, SEMrush is basically an ‘all-in-one’ SEO tool. It is the ideal most websites for any online business which focuses on Search Engine Optimization.

2. Google Rank Checker.

Google Rank Checker is yet another amazing free keyword rank checker with an additional benefit of it being absolutely free of cost.

It is more amazing as it lets you check the keyword ranking within the search engine. On the top of all the benefits, there is yet another one which is the ease of operation.

All that needs to be done is that in Google Search, type the keyword in the box along with the URL or the domain name of the website.

3. Moz Rank Checker.

Moz is especially famous among bloggers. It does not just hasa keyword rank checker, but has many other amazing SEO tools which help the bloggers get more traffic.

For keyword rank checking, MOZ has a Moz Rank Tracker which greatly helps in keeping a track of the keywords. The reason why Moz Rank Trackers gets a plus point is that it provides the latest rankings by fetching the most recently updated information on various search engines.

The best of Moz Rank Tracker is that unlike any other keyword rank checking website, Moz provides you the ranks of those keywords which you target every time the rank goes high or low through an email.

On every other website, you regularly have to manually check the ranking, but Moz saves you that time and automates the report, which turns out to be extremely beneficial to the most website owners, especially the bloggers.

4. Moonsy.

Moonsy is yet another free tool to use for SEO especially keyword rank checking. The best part of Moonsy is that the results are reliable, that is, they are quite accurate out of all the other keyword rank checkers.

In addition to that, it lets you analyze the keywords being used by the competitors. The Moonsy rank checking tool also helps you in comparing the keyword for various websites or domain names along with yours.

It makes you aware as to how a particular keyword is working for you and how is it working for your competitor. But there may be so many competitors out there in  the market and to check keywords for each of these competitors can be tedious and time taking.

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5. Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools to analyze keywords, understand competition along with the backlinks. This SEO tool is considered the best for examining website content and backlinks searching.

But it turns out to be a decent keyword rank checking tool too! At one factor, it tops the Moz Rank Tracker which is the fact that it makes automatic and regular recognition of those keyword which a website or a blog ranks for on the basis of your region.

And a major drawback of Ahrefs is that, it is quite costly to use. There are other Keyword Rank Checkers which are there for free of cost, but Ahrefs costs you quite an amount which brings it down to 5th.

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