Top 7 Best Places to Sell Ad Space Directly

Do you want to maximize your blog revenue by selling ads directly? Direct ads can pay you huge revenue for your website space. Many Of bloggers Use Google Adsense for making money. Google Adsense is best the best CPC Adertising network. but many bloggers make huge money by selling direct ad space in his blog for limited time like 30 days, 90 days etc. If you are also looking to sell your blog ad space then here is a list of top best marketplace where you can sell your ad space directly.sell ad

1). Buysellads:

Buysellads is one of the leading ad networks on the web that helps bloggers to make money by showing direct ads on their websites. Buysellads is a no. 1 network where bloggers sell ad spaces and here many big advertisers pay more. But getting your blog approved on Buysellads marketplace is very hard .

2). Blogads:

Blogads is one of the best marketplaces to sell your website space to direct advertisers. Great alternative to Buysellads that can pay you huge revenue for showing direct ads on your site. If your site is approved by Blogads Team, you can expect sufficient earnings from your website ad space.

3). Crankyads:

Crankyads is not very popular like others but very useful ad network to get direct ads. Crankyads also allows you to show your adsense ads or other ads in unsold advertising option so that you can still make money. Crankyads lists publishers’ websites on Crankymart .
Crankyads also helps bloggers to make more money by referring other bloggers and website owners to their marketplace. Crankyads currently pays 10% commission to affiliates.

CrankyAds  WordPress  plugin is completely free to download and use. you can use CrankyAds plugin to manage ads on your site and earn 100% of the advertising revenue.

If an advertiser buys an ad directly from your blog, you will get 100% money deposited directly to your PayPal account, but if an ad space is sold from CrankyMart marketplace, then 25% of the fees will be deducted and you will get 75%. This is a good thing as you can sell a lot of ad spaces from the marketplace compared to selling directly from the blog.

4). Adengage:

Adengage is a great advertising network that also allows bloggers to sell ads directly. Adengage also serves relevant ads to bloggers. Adengage offers different types of ad formats and ad sizes.

5). Advertisespace:

It is not as good as any other in this list but for a low-traffic blog, The network is not at all bad but not the best, low-traffic blogs and websites can apply for it and it is quite easy to get approved. In my opinion, you don’t need to get approved, just sign up, submit your blog and create different ad zones. It displays ads on your blog with the help of javascript and thus it has the least effect on the blog’s load time.

6). Publicityclerks:

PublicityClerks is one of the fastest growing ad networks on the web that was launched just one year ago and gained quick popularity. Now this ad network has a great network of advertisers and hundreds of active bloggers. If your blog has even 3000 visitors a month, then too your can get accepted in their network.

7). Komoona:

Komoona is a useful ad network that can help you to monetize your website with direct ads and cpm ads. Komoona helps you to sell ads directly and if your ad is not bought by advertiser you can use unsold advertising option to show Komoona CPM ads or others ads.

Use any Adnetwork to sell your blog ad space and make Money
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