How to Deal with Business Growing Pains

Every small businessman dreams of making it big one day. The expansion, the brand recognition, and the continuous patronage are some of the main goals why businessmen are breaking their backs for their companies. Pretty soon all of the hard work starts to pay off and they see companies starting to take off. But is the businessman all geared up towards growth and its challenges?

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business growing pain

Experiencing growth pains for any business can be very daunting. Although it is a good sign because it means that your business is starting to become progressive, the trials that come with it can greatly affect you and your company. There are some crucial areas that you need to keep an eye on so that you stay on the right track towards your company’s health and productivity:

Time supervision

It is vital that you are able to clear your daily calendar of less essential work that can be easily delegated, outsourced or automated. Do not let your mind be filled with numerous half-baked ideas or delve on tasks that aren’t top priority. Make sure to finish everything that needs to be done as was indicated in your daily to do list. This way, you have more time to hatch new ideas that can propel your company to greater heights.

Assess your business processes

Review all processes that your company utilizes to make sure everything is prepared for expansion mode. Check all departments, from payroll, advertising, inventory, customer support and all your key people. Arm yourself with modern technology that will help you adjust easily to growth that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. RingCentral VoIP PBX, for example is a cloud based phone service that caters mostly to small and medium businesses that provides exceptional business features being enjoyed today by bigger companies and enterprises. This means that you now have the advantage of playing with the big players without incurring heavy telecom costs.


Learn to give up control. If your company is now on its way to bigger things, you must also grow up from a multitasker to becoming an inspirational leader that will continually motivate all of your staff to meet and exceed the company’s objectives. Let your staff do what they are hired to do and have full trust that they are good at it. Be always supportive of them so that they will be constantly inspired to work more efficiently and feel good about themselves.

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Employ smart talent

As your company is on its way to expansion, hiring the best people is probably the key area that you have to stress on in order to be more successful. People who are dynamic risk takers and those that can easily adjust with different people are some traits that you should be o the lookout for.  A trained professional can help you acquire exceptional talents that match your company needs. If you do not have one on your team, it is often a good idea to outsource the process to a firm that can carry out your recruitment requirements.

Keep an eye on the cash flow

Improve your cash flow by projecting higher but still reasonable monthly sales and expenses. Collect client payments as soon as possible but pay your invoices on the last due date. Set up a cash reserve account to cover an unexpected huge expense and be religious in reconciling your monthly bank statements. Do not always depend on your accountant for all monetary matters. Learn to decipher your financial statements so that you can make judgments with regards to its future use.

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