How To Hide Facebook Sponsored Page Posts In Newsfeed

Are you annoyed with the Facebook Sponsored Page Posts? Are you getting too many Sponsored Posts?

Here’s how you can hide Facebook Sponsored Page Posts from your news feed!

Facebook sponsored or suggested page posts are a type of ad to increase Fan Page likes and interaction. Admins/ Users have to pay to sponsor these type of posts shown in other users’ news feed. This sponsored stuff is really annoying. The bad aspect of sponsored posts is that there huge increase in these type of posts these days as everyone wants to increase fans/audience of their business/Company/Products pages to grow audience and interaction. These sponsored posts disturb our natural interaction and friends’ posts


So, can we hide these type of sponsored page posts from news feed? No,you can’t. However, you can click hide to remove individual sponsored page posts and if you want to stop seeing certain kinds of stories, can unfriend the user or unlike the page.

But, actually you can hide these type of sponsored stuff from your browser(Only on the browser you install the mentioned script not on other PCs.)

There are two ways by which you can hide sponsored page posts from your news feed.

Method #1 Using AdBlock Extensions Filter

If you have already installed the number one advertisement blocking Extension/Addons -AdBlock, you can use it to block/hide Facebook sponsored stuff using AdBlock filter. Get adblock extension

Just Press Ctrl + Shift +F to bring Adblock Filter Preferences.

Hit Adblocking rules then ‘Add Filter’


Paste the below mentioned code in it and hit save.

Now, Hard refresh the Facebook homepage using (Ctrl+F5).

Method #2 Using Greasemonkey Script

Install Greasemonkey Extension/Addon on your browser. And install this Greasemonkey script too developed by Dan Chen. Now, Hard refresh the Facebook homepage using (Ctrl+F5) and your Facebook newsfeed is now free from sponsored posts!

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  1. Another option that blocks all the ads and also gives you control over various other annoying aspects of Facebook such as autoplay videos is the FB Purity browser extension.


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