How to add all facebook friends in group by single click

In TRiX HUB many facebook tricks and hacks are available. Today I’m sharing How to add  all facebook friends in group by single click.

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If you want to add all your facebook friends in facebook group. Here i have a Facebook Secret to add facebook friends in group by single click.

So Lets start How to add all facebook friends in group by single click Step by step process:

There are two ways to add all facebook friends in group by single click.

facebook group

Tricks 1By Using MOzilla Browser.

If you have Mozilla browser then follow these steps. If you have not then skip this trick and go to tricks 2.

  • Firstly open Mozilla Firefox
  • Now Open your Facebook group in which you want to add your friends
  • Then Click   Ctrl + Shift + K
  • Now  Paste following code.


  • Then press Enter
  • Then  hide box press again Ctrl + Shift + K

Tricks 2- By Using Crome browser

I am a crome user and this trick is self tested. 101% working.

  • Firstly add facebook group invite all  extension by clicking here
  • Now Open your facebook account in crome.
  • and open your group.
  • Then click on Extension and wait some time.
  • Now Your friend adding in group.

If you have any question feel free to post comment.

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