How To Find And Block If Someone Is Stealing Your Wi Fi Bandwidth

You know WI-Fi has become very popular in this modern age. Every one knows the term WI-FI. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless (Wi) Fidelity (Fi) and it makes it possible for electronic devices to transfer data and surfng internet without using wired connection.

Today many of people use Wi-Fi to connect to the online world hence, it is important to get updated on how to use it perfectly and safely.

Check if Someone is Stealing Your WiFi Bandwidth

There are many persons Stealing Wireless Internet. The question is how we can find them. Here is the some tips to find who is stealing your wifi connection. 

#1. By checking the lights of the wireless router

Disconnect all devices that are currently using your Wi-Fi network, now check the data light indicator if it is still blinking.

#2. By checking the attached device list of your Router

You can also check if someone else is using your wireless connection by looking into the attached device list of your router. You can easily find the external device attached to your router by matching Mac addresses of your devices or via IP verification. To know your IP run cmd and type ‘ipconfig ‘ and press Enter. Or Use Online Sites like whatsmyip.

#3. By using a monitoring Software

This is the best method to find the list of users connected to your network. There are many software available which can be installed on any of the connected devices and the list of users using the same Wi-Fi network is revealed.

How to block an Unauthorized Device

There are many ways to block an unauthorized devices that are using your wifi network. Here i have listed few good way to block unauthorized device.

Change Security to WPA2-AES and Change Password

This is the first thing you do and set Wi Fi Security Options. Change your router security to WPA2-AES. This will ask new users to enter security key. And also Create a new password this will kick out any unauthorized user of your network.

Use Software to Block Unauthorized Devices:

You can use Wi Fi Security Software to block the ethical hackers from stealing your wifi password by using softwares like Moocher Hunter. There are many more software available in the internet. You can search and download.

Always Use Encrypted Connection:

Always use an encrypted connection and never use WEP because it is very easy to crack it. Always use WPA2 or WPA if you want to be secured.

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