How To Build A Strong Social Network For Your Business

Things are changing at a constant pace. Technology has completely transformed every aspect of how we communicate and it is evolving at a rapid pace. However, with so many technological advancements, we tend to lose sight of the fact that we are humans with the basic needs.

Business has always been about the basic human needs, and since the first business activity started, it was always social. Relationships were, are, and will always be at the center stage of all business activities.

Social Network

So, why do businesses need to focus so much on getting more followers on social media, In reality, they don’t mean anything until and unless you are able to build actual relationships through productive and positive interactions. Social media allows you to take customer relationships that used to take months and years to develop and not only shorten that time, but also scale it.

Now you have the facility of dozens of interactions with your customers and potential customers on a daily basis. However, with so many followers there is one thing that should not be forgotten and that is context.

The psychology of the customers is something like they are more inclined towards their needs. So, if your home doesn’t have any snacks and you are real hungry, the first thing that you will do in the supermarket is to head right away to the section that offers food. You find yourself buying things while telling yourself that some of the product sounds delicious to you.

However, after a full dinner you will be altogether in a different mood. The same stands true for all online interaction. When a certain online interaction takes place in the right kind of context, it becomes more powerful in striking a connection that will eventually become a long-lasting business relationship.

Here are the three most feasible methods to build your social network. Let’s have a quick look.

Build Relationships

You might be having thousands of followers; however there is no actual appeal that you have been able to create for yourself. Just ask yourself how you would try to build and maintain a relationship offline. You simply need to apply the same fundamental when engaging with your audience on social media. Your goal would be to get people to like you, admire you and trust you immensely. Thus, you need to interact with them and provide them with useful content and other resources so that you could stay in their minds for a long, long time. Make sure that you are not going over the top in your advertising efforts and that you are being helpful to your audience. Sites like Zorpia|Crunchbase help businesses in building a relationship with their customers by providing the right platform to interact with relevant business and people


Social Interaction

Interaction is the building block for any brand. This is the reason why every interaction should matter to you and the business. Get engaged with people, help them out, and generate as many positive social signals as possible. Turn negativity into positivity by addressing the concerns of your customers who were not satisfied earlier by your products, services, or interaction. Your prospects don’t want you to be perfect, they just want you to be caring.

Context is king

You should know your audience very well if you really want to be effective in social media and also in building your networks. That’s the reason why businesses need to be aware of context while interacting on social media. What drives your prospects? What are their pain points? How does your product or service help them out? Cultivating strong relationships within context relevant to your audience is more powerful.

Just think that you are creating positive interactions that are based on the right context and that you provide helpful resources to your prospects. Don’t overtly do self promotion or enforce your own point of view on the audience. Just remember, that you will get only what you give.

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