Where to download free fonts – Top 10 best font sites

You can build your own fonts if you wish, or you can use the one you already have. It is possible to buy fonts, but before you do you should try a few of these best font sites. They are packed with free fonts (some paid). There are so many that it is hard to imagine someone wanting to pay for a font.best font sites

1. 1001 Free Fonts

Remember how Heinz said they had 57 varieties of baked beans when they actually had more, and how the “Crazy 88” in the Kill Bill movie actually contained more than 88 people. Well, that is clue enough as to the number of fonts on this website. The truth is that people keep uploading them for others to use, ergo you can pick from a wide variety of fonts that you are allowed to use for free.

2. Fontstruct

You can download free fonts on this website, but the main goal of the website is to allow you to create your own. You can use the tools present to make your own, or you can look through the fonts other people have made and use them. You can upload your own fonts if you wish so that other people may use your new font for free. It is a font creation website that gives you numerous options whilst creating your custom font.

3. FFonts

A lot of free websites have massive amounts of advertising or spam, so be ready for that on this website. It does have a lot of free fonts and a lot of them are of a reasonable quality, so it is worth a look.

4. dafont.com

There are plenty of fonts for you to choose from and a lot of them are very unique looking. It is a place where you may find fonts to suit most purposes. Almost every niche may be in some way accommodated for with the fonts available from this website. Downloading and using is also rather easy, and they have made it so that the fonts are easy to look through and choose. There is quite a choice within this website.

5. Abstract fonts

There are a lot of fonts on this website. In fact, the last time anybody counted there were over 12,000 fonts. You do have to register in order to get at the fonts, but most are free to use and you can download more than one. In fact, they allow you to download numerous in a zip file. You can see fonts based on popularity, style, etc. The creators are just regular people from around the world.

6. Font Squirrel

This is a website that has a lot of fonts you can use for personal use. You can use them free if it is for personal use, and there are quite a few you can use for free for commercial uses. They have tried to keep the quality levels rather high with this website; ergo there are fewer fonts that most free sites. You can preview the fonts you are going to choose within the website, and many people consider their selection to be of a high standard.

7. FontSpace

This is a system of fonts that are uploaded by different people from all over the world. If you were to create a font of your own and wanted other people to use it, then you could upload your font to this website and other people may pick it. There are literally thousands of fonts to choose from, and you can preview how your text will look with different fonts simultaneously. Picking, downloading and using your fonts is easy.

8. Acid Fonts

When names like this website pop up, you can be sure that a programmer is behind it. He will be someone who tried to instigate the nickname Acid Spit when he was a child, only to be called Rolly Fall Over by his classmates. There are lots of free fonts within different categories, and you can have a preview of what your font may look like in its most basic form. It is a simple website with a clean design so it is worth a look.

9. UrbanFonts

They have a lot of fonts you can pick from and it is easy to download them and use them. There are a lot, which makes navigation and selection a little tricky, but they have an editor’s selection that you can browse so as to see some of their more popular fonts. You can change a few things about the fonts as you pick them, and you can preview how your text is going to look when the font is applied.

10. Fawnt

This website has a lot of free fonts, and as with most free-font websites it means that the quality is variable. There are some of a very high quality and some that look like they were designed by a child in half an hour. You will have to look through a lot of poor quality fonts, but again that is true of most free-font websites because they have no incentive to do any sort of quality control beyond security checks.

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