5 Things That You Love To Search on YouTube!

YouTube, as we tend to all understand, is the web site for observation and sharing videos. It’s by Google and you most likely visit it everyday! I’m here to tell you about some fun-things you’ll be able to do on YouTube. These “fun-things” are referred to as Easter eggs.

Google features a history of adding Easter eggs into its merchandise and YouTube is not any exception. The term “Easter eggs” suggests that AN surprising feature [in a bit of computer software] enclosed as a joke or a bonus!

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Most of these Easter eggs were introduced during the occasion of the first YouTube Geek Week. they are nothing but terms that you can search on YouTube and some surprising thing can happen! you’ll be able to show it off to your friends or girlfriend(s) and act cool‘


‘Ponies’ or ‘Bronies’ponies

Go to youtube.com and hunt for one of these terms after removing the quotes. “ponies” or “bronies”, you’ll see some ponies running round the search results! These ponies are actually from a cartoon show referred to as “My very little Pony: friendship Is Magic” (Wikipedia Link). Also, searching the names of the many characters from this show will cause the top bar to become an equivalent color because the character. Example: try searching “Rainbow Dash”


Use the force, Lukeusetheforceluke

Searching for “use the force luke” can place a wavy effect on the search results. conjointly try moving your mouse, the whole screen can fly accordingly! If you are a Star Wars fan, you must be at home with the quote “Use the force, Luke”. it had been a said by Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke in Star Wars IV – a new Hope.


Beam me up, Scottybeammeupscotty

Star Trek fans, the one’s dedicated to you! sorting out “[highlight]beam me up scotty[/highlight]” will echo the classic Star Trek effect by ‘beaming’ the videos onto the results page.

The popular catchphrase, “[highlight]Beam me up, Scotty[/highlight]” comes from the command Captain kirk gives his chief engineer, Scotty, once he needs to be transported back to the space vehicle Enterprise!


Do the harlem shakedotheharlemshake


This one’s my personal favorite. sorting out “do the harlem shake” will cause the page to try and do the “Herlem Shake”. It is muted and paused. I won’t justify it abundant, go and see it for yourself!


1980 – Play Missile Command game on YouTube!1980


Okay, this is not a issue to be searched but it’s amazing anyway! writing “1980″ while viewing a video page will play a game known as “Missile Command”. you’ve got to save lots of the video from obtaining destroyed by missiles! The trick here is to just click on the white space on the page and type 1980 (not within the search or comment box!)

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