PropellerAds Media Review With Payment Proof, Earning Report & Scam Advice

Hello, Guys. This is Abhay and Today I’m come here to review another ad network PropellerAds Media. Previous I reviewed many other ad networks and show you payment proof. You can read Popcash.Net Review, Review, Infolinks Review.

About Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads Media is a new digital advertising network based in CPM/CPA started in 2012. It is one of the fastest growing advertising network. Currently, they have 100% Ads Fill rate for every country and numerous ad formats to monetize your website.

The best thing of PropellerAds, Any one from anywhere in the world can easily join this ad network and get approval. Propellerads Pop Under perform well on Freebies, Live streaming and gaming sites.

Being a publisher of PropellerAds, you have access to wide range of advertising formats. Banners, Onclick ads, In-banner video, sliders and sponsored links. Again publisher has to decide which format works well for his/her niche. Their Support is awesome, you get response within 24 hours. Publishers could also block specific advertisers by contacting Propeller Ads support.

Performance Report

I used propeller ads media on my high traffic website and get the amazing result. you can see the performance report on the screenshot. CPM is something low because of Indian traffic. If you have traffic from US, UK, Canada etc countries then you get high CPM Rate.

Propeller Ads scam

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Scam Advice (Is It Really a Scam)

When we going to use new ad network, then a question comes in our mind. this is real or scam. I read in many forums about this network and find some people claim propellerads is a scam. I researched and find many big freebies sites using this network to monetize their traffic.So I plan to register and use this program in my one high traffic site. So used this network and happy with their amazing performance. But after crossing $100, I requested for payment through paypal. But they said ‘we have stopped payment through Paypal, use the different method or wait till $500 for wire transfer. As an Indian, I don’t have any other option other than PayPal and wire transfer. When i tell them about this problem, they again reply ‘Sorry currently we don’t have a paypal option, please wait for few time. when we add Paypal payment. you will receive payment through paypal.’

After that, i annoyed and think is it really a Scam or what. So I stopped using their ad network. But few days back I received payment through Paypal.And happy with PropellerAds Media. And now started again using this ad network. So I also recommend you to use this ad network and boost your revenue.

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Payment info

Propeller Ads Media pays it publishers on Net 30 basis. The threshold payment is $100 when paid via Payoneer whereas it is $500 for wire transfer. They have many other options for payment process.

Payment Proof

Just a few day back I received payment from Propellerads. Few month ago they stopped payment through Paypal. but i have no other option to receive payment. So I requested to their team and after some time they send me payment through Paypal. Here i have attached screenshot of recieved 1st payment from propellerads.

propellerads payment proof


  • There are no traffic restrictions to join this program. So you get approval easily.
  • The highest CPMs for all countries.
  • Running all types of ad formats.
  • A huge list of best advertisers.
  • Many Payment options available.
  • Minimal ad network commission: only 20%
  • Real-time online reporting of your activity and earnings.
  • Dedicated personal customer service and support.


  • Pop-up and Pop-under may fetch you huge earnings, but it harms site reputation in the long run. Users may not return to your site if pop-ups irritate them.
  • CPM rate is low if your traffic comes from Asian countries rather than Europe, US, UK and Australia.
  • Minimum payout is $100 for Payoneer payments and $500 for wire transfers.

PropellerAds Media Details

Network Type: CPM, CPA
Ad types: Banners, Pop Under and many more
Payment Methods: Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and More
Minimum Payment Threshold: $100
Payment frequency: NET 30 or on request
Conflict with other programs
and/or exclusivity:
Requirements / Restrictions: None
Website URL

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#e41713″ color=”#ffffff” size=”10″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon_color=”#c7f2fc” rel=”nofollow”]Click Here to Join PropellerAds Network[/su_button]

Hello guys, I have seen many of you thinking Propellerad is a scam. But If you have any doubt about this network, you can ask me directly. 

Abhay Pratap Singh
Abhay Pratap Singh is Digital Entrepreneur, Who is Making Money From the Internet since 2012. He Also Works as a Freelancer and Does Web and Mobile app Development. Apart from That, He Invests in Stock Market and Crypto Currencies. Here in iTechCube, Writes about Blogging, WordPress Guides, and Tutorials to help begginers.

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  1. Hii there. Propeller Ads didn’t work for my website with Indian traffic. I got $0.05 for 1634 impressions and 118 clicks with a CPM rate of $0.03 which is quite low.

  2. Thanks abhay singh for great article but still confused whether use or not can you suggest me ? and here is another question do they support Nepali or Hindi language ?

  3. I just register with Propellerads but am unable to use Mobile Advertising each time i put the code in my templete it shows error code. Pls what can i do

  4. hi sir please help me can you ive me info about my payment from proppeller i make 100$ in agust and this and now the payment status is pending,is my payment add in next month or will receive in this month

    • Hi Rana, Basically propellerads send payment on net 30 days period. For august earnings, you will receive payment in 1st week of October. You can contact with their support for more updates.

  5. Thanks for this great insight details about this network but as after reading the comments of users, I guess its not much reliable .

  6. Hey guys if you like eCPM ads try “”. I am using it for 2 months high cpm rate and timely payment. It doesn’t have banner or text ads only popup ads which doesn’t disturb my visitors. You can set one or 2 clicks per visitor. I am still using many ad networks like,bidvertiser,popads etc but sisterads paying more.

  7. Hello friend,
    How can I request payment manually?
    and Does they issue payment automatically or we have to request everythime?

    PS: PropellerAds now does not support Paypal payment.

    • Hello Anzict,
      Basically Propellerads send All payments during the first business week of each month when you reach their minimum threshold $100.
      Yes I just checked they doesn’t support paypal now. I don’t know why. But They have 5 option like wire, payoneer etc..

    • Many peoples say, propellerads is scam network. But I think its not. They paid me and many big freebies site like torrent etc using propellerads network.

  8. scammed me and did not pay a penny from 3 months now on 6 websites and after that they appear a notice that my account has been suspended and i have to contact my account manager … thanks god i have another company ads on the same websites and the another company paid me every month i think i will only use any company but not propeller-ads

    • Hi Fadi Mickael,
      I think they suspended your account due to fraud or another reason. so contact to team and know the reason and tell us.
      Currently i’m working with their network and they paid me once and waiting for next payment. If they will not pay me then i will share here.

    • Hey John, thanks for sharing your experience with our readers. But i’m using their network and they paid me. If they suspended your account then please contact to their team and know the reason.


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