Keyboard Shotcuts For Facebook Power Users

If You are a facebook lover and every time you open facebook. Then You need to use Facebook shortcuts to save your time. Facebook provides some useful keyboard shortcuts that could save you some extra time from reaching out to your mouse for all the clicks. Facebook shortcuts not only help you save some time of your regular facebook usage but can also help you navigate your favorite social network easily :D. So is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts that could really help you save some time.Facebook shortcuts

Google Chrome

  • Alt+M     Send new message,Opens up facebook new message box
  • Alt+/        Move Cursor to Search Box
  • Alt+1       View Home Page(News Feed)
  • Alt+2       View Profile Page
  • Alt+3       Accept or Decline Friend Requests
  • Alt+4       Open Message Page
  • Alt+5       Open Notification Bar
  • Alt+6       View Account Settings
  • Alt+7       View Privacy Settings
  • Alt+8       View Facebook Fan Page
  • Alt+9       Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement


  • Shift+Alt+M      Send new message,Opens up Facebook new message box
  • Shift+Alt+/         Move Cursor to Search Box
  • Shift+Alt+1        View Home Page(News Feed)
  • Shift+Alt+2        View Profile Page
  • Shift+Alt+3        Accept or Decline Friend Requests
  • Shift+Alt+4        Open Message Page
  • Shift+Alt+5        Open Notification Bar
  • Shift+Alt+6        View Account Settings
  • Shift+Alt+7        View Privacy Settings
  • Shift+Alt+8        View Facebook Fan Page
  • Shift+Alt+9        Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement

Well there are your time saving shortcuts for you to try out. If you know any other Facebook shortcuts ,lets us know by sharing with us by your comments..:D

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