How to Change Facebook Page Name After 200+ Likes (Working And Tested)

When We created my blog facebook page then we named it Tricks and Tips. And in few days, we got many numbers of fans. After sometime we realize the page name not looks good for our blog, SO i think to change its name.

Facebook don’t allow to change Facebook page name after 200 likes. But in few days ago we have done to change my facebook page name. Now you can see my page name looks like TRiX HUB- Professional Blogging & Interesting Articles. I think that looks great.

So I thought many of facebook Page Admins also want to change their page name. If you thinking your page name not looking good, You can change too.

Here I will guide to step by step process to change facebook fan page name.

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Process to Change Facebook Page Name

Please follow the steps to change your facebook page name.

  • First Go to your facebook fan page. And here move to about section of the page.

Change ‘ProBlogging’ to your page username.

  • Here you will see your facebook page name. Now you have to Edit Name on Facebook. Click on Edit, Like in Screenshot.
edit facebook page name
edit facebook page name
  • Now a Popup window will open, and here you have to Enter New page name. Your Page name should accurately reflect what the Page is about. Facebook Team will review your new page name.
  • After adding Your new page name. Click on continue.
  • And on the next page, You have to confirm your Facebook page name changes. So If you are sure then proceed to request change.
facebook page name change
facebook page name change

Facebook Team will review your Facebook page name changes and will notify you within three days. You will receive mail from Facebook and also a notification on Facebook.

If Your Facebook page topic does not look like the previous one then Facebook will not approve your facebook page name change. 

SO you can reply to their mail to review again with the solid reason. Why you are changing your page name. 

  • And If facebook will approve your New facebook page name. You will also receive a mail from Facebook like this.
change facebook page name
change facebook page name
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