Top 10 Must Have Google Chrome Extension For Bloggers

Chrome Browser is very popular browser and my favorite . I am using Google chrome from 2009. But sometime like to use Mozila firefox. Mostly many bloggers use google chrome browser and in this post i am going to share some top must have Google Chrome Extensions for Best Bloggers.

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List of 10 Google Chrome Extension For Bloggers

#1. Alexa Traffic Rank

This tool is Provided by alexa. its provide you alexa rank and stats easily, there is no need to go alexa website. by using this tool, it will also help to improve your alexa rank. This extension also show alexa rank in every google search result.

#2. SEOquake

SEOquake is a SEO extension for Google Chrome, it shows PageRank, Alexa rank, Google Index, Yahoo links, Google links,Bing index, Webarchive age, Delicious index, Whois link,SEMRush rank, Nofollow links, Keyword density, Site diagnosis Etc.

#3. Zemanta

By Using Zemanta, you can enhance your blogging experience, it recommends Images, links, articles and tags, its also provides your contents and links, you can add related contents on your article by using zemanta.

#4. AddThis

AddThis is a good sharing extension of Google Chrome. This extension allows you to share, bookmark and print the pages instantly. Sharing is fast and easy to do whenever they like without slowing down the Chrome.

#5. LastPass

Lastpass is best password manager chrome extension. LastPass is my favorite Chrome extension. LastPass saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

#6. Awesome Screenshot

Take awesome screenshot by this tool, you will love this tool to take screenshot of any webpage. you can Capture, Annotate, Edit, Save and Share webpages.

#7. Edit This Cookie

This is a cookie manager extension for google chrome. With this extension you can edit, delete, add new, protect, block cookies.

#8. bitly

Everyone knows about bitly link shortener. With This extension you can make short link of any webpage with single click. you can also customize your shortlinks from within the extension.

#9. Pocket

Read your stuffs later by using this tool, set up your account on pocket and save your online stuff which you want to read later and access your stuff from anywhere from phone,tablet or laptop. you can access those stuffs even you are offline.

#10. ScribeFire

This is a simple and popular Google Chrome interface which let the bloggers to post and to manage the blog posts. you can edit, update, and schedule the blog posts along with an option of uploading the images.

Hope you like our Google Chrome Extensions list for bloggers.

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