Top 5 Best URL Shortening Services

Are you looking for this list of URL shorteners websites ? We use URL shortening services on daily basis, they are extremely useful in Internet conversations, let it forum threads, IM chats, etc. These services are also life-savers in communication channel where you are limited to specific no. of characters per session. Some even use them to hide away affiliate links they shared or bypass firewalls that block websites according to URLs. Here you can see top 5 URL shortening websites. URL shortening services could be very useful when you recommend Someone to visit long website address or your referral links.url-short-service

Top 5 Best URL Shortening Services:


Bitly is one of the most popular url shorteners that can be used to hide , track and shorten your long urls. This service was started in 2008 and was the default url shortener of Twitter. One of the best url shorteners that also allows users to bookmarks their favorite web pages. You can view real time report in your Bitly account. One of the best ways to share, organize and bookmark your favorite webpages.

2). is one of the best url shortening services on the web that is owned by Google. Google started url shortening service in December 2009 and now it has become one of the most popular URL shorteners on the internet that also allows users to track click statistics of shortened urls.

3). Tinyurl

Tinyurl is one of the oldest url shortening service that was started in 2002.

4). is a very useful url shortner that helps users to shorten urls, share files and track visits. This service is operated by popular Social media managing service Hootsuite.

5). is a simple url shortener that can help you to shorten your urls, track and manage urls.

Some More Other URL Shortening Services Available in The Web World. Some Of These Listed Bellow:

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