3 Basic Ways to Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the best blogging tool ever. And wordpress plugins are behind the popularity of wordpress.

WordPress plugins are helpful tools used by users and developers to extend WordPress functionality. There are many free and premium plugins available on the Internet, but some beginners are confused about how to properly install WordPress plugins in their wordpress blog.

Yesterday one of our reader asked me ‘How to Add Plugins to WordPress-Blog‘. So Here we come out with the detailed step by step WordPress Plugin Tutorial to properly install wordpress plugins.

Note: Remember that if you are running a self hosted blog then you will be able to install wordpress plugins. WordPress.com blogs does’t have option to install plugins.

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From Where We can get Best WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of Free and Premium WordPress plugins available online, But where we can get well coded and working plugins. Simply, you can get a large number of free plugins on WordPress Plugin Directory, which contains plugins on every category. these plugins are considered thoroughly tested and secure.

There are many developers, who provide good plugins for free and paid. You can Find the Best Pro Plugins Here.

For Premium Plugins, Prefer https://codecanyon.net/. Its a large place for premium wordpress plugin.

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How to Install WordPress Plugins:

There are three methods to install wordpress plugins. 1). Simply By Searching from Dashboard 2). By Uploading From WordPress Dashboard 3). From FTP

1). Install WordPress Plugin in Dashboard

This is the easiest method to install wordpress plugins. But note that this method is only suitable for plugins in the WordPress Plugins Directory. Follow step by Step Guide.

  • First login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Now go to Plugins>>Add Newinstal wordpress plugin


  • Search any plugin you want. And Install plugin.install plugin in wordpress


  • After Installation done. you need to activate the plugin first, then you can configure the settings for specific usage.activate plugin


2). Install Plugins by Uploading Process

This is very popular method to install wordpress plugin. When you want to install some premium plugins from third party websites. In this condition, you cannot achieve the process by installing it on WordPress Dashboard, but should upload its installation.

  • First Download all your plugins file.
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now got to Plugins>>Add new>>Click on Uploadupload plugins


  • Now click on choose file and select plugin zip file on your system. and upload it.
  • After complete uploading process, Then activate plugin and customize.

3). Install Plugins Manually With FTP

This is the least user-friendly way to install a WordPress plugin. If you are new to WordPress and have no idea about FTP Manager, we don’t recommend you utilize this method.

  • First you have to install ftp client in your system( if you don’t have).Here are the top 5 FTP clients available. I recommend to use Filezilla.
  • Unzip your plugins files locally.
  • Then open FTP Client and access your host (public_html).
  • Then open /wp-content/plugins/ and upload plugin files properly.
  • Once all files uploaded, go to wordpress dashboard.
  • And click on the Plugins tab. Find the installed plugin and activate this and configure the settings.

Hope this Basic WordPress Tutorial will help you to learn WordPress plugin installation process.

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