Porn Banned: 5 Ways To Access Banned Sites in India

Indian government banned over 800+ porn websites. Internet is our freedom and its our decision what we search on Internet, What i watch on Internet, Its all our decision.

Many peoples and also celebrity reacted to this government decision.

Sonam Kapoor tweeted, “Ban idiots who think banning things is going to make a difference to Indian mentality..”

Tanishaa Mukerji said, “As adults, we are perfectly capable of making choices and they put barriers to what we should watch or do in the privacy of our home. It’s a free country, people should be allowed to choose what they want to watch, eat and how they feel, instead of being attacked on a public forum for having an opinion different from yours. Arguing against censorship of pornography does not mean condoning, ignoring or de-prioritising campaigns around the often violent and usually misogynist portrayal of women in capitalist society. We have a responsibility to counter in the most effective way images which are exploitative and sexist — not by seeking to have them banned, but by initiating a much more wide-ranging debate about sex; by campaigning for better sex education in schools; and by creating more informed and responsible social attitudes to the expression of sexuality.”

But You don’t worry, If you would like to watch porn on banned sites. here the 5 ways you can use.

1). By Using

Yes with, you can open any blocked site. will open entered site from us server. so you can open all blocked sites in India.

GO to

2). By SecurityKiss Tunnel

SecurityKiss is a free VPN tunnel tool. By using this tootl you can change IP address of your system and network. SecurityKiss available for all your devices. for your windows laptop, android mobile, iOS and others.

61185 2

Get SecurityKiss Tunnel

3). By Using Chrome Extension

If you are using google chrome browser then you can easily open any blocked sites. There are many free VPN extensions available. You can read more about How to Access Blocked Websites in Google Chrome here.

4). By

FilterBypass is also same as Filterbypass is also a good proxy site. with this online proxy tool you can access any site from different ip addresses of other country like USA, UK.

Go to

5). By Online Translation services

Online translation services can also work as a good proxy server for you. You can access blocked websites with Google Translator or Bing Translator. you only need to enter the URL on these services and it will return the translated version of the page. Just use English to English translation and see the website unblocked. If not open then Select different language and translate.

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