2 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online

Many are wondering and searching for how to make money online. I was very curious and wanted to find out how do people make lots of money online. It was not an easy task as there are many scams that I have fallen into.

I remember that people asked me” can your website actually make you money?” Actually there are two primary ways on how to make money online.

  1. You can sell your stuff
  1. You can sell other people’s stuff if you do not have a product or idea.

You may get discouraged about the whole idea of starting an internet business. But the truth is you still can make a bundle without having a single product of your own. I am talking about affiliate marketing and linking their offers to your website.

If you have a product or your stuff to sell, it gives you big time control and most importantly higher profits margins and higher profit margin aren’t just about you making more money, it’s about your business survival.

For example, you are selling a $100 widget that someone else is producing; you might get $20, $30 or more. That may sounds good, but you are completing against the creator of the widget or a completing widget.

Therefore competition is fierce. They have more money to spent to attract traffic. They can use affiliates programs, they can buy traffic to their sites and they can hire content creators to help them out.

I prefer to hunt for products with higher commission and lower competition instead. So I can make more money than those who get more traffic than me. That because I know where the money is and how to get it. In a nutshell, higher margins mean you have more money to spent to pull in more traffic.

That I why it’s important for you to have your own high margins products. Maybe not when starting your online business, but it something that you should work towards. You should also use the second method- selling other people’s stuff why?

  1. Because it will balance out your cash flow
  1. You do not have to go to the trouble of creating a product and you will never be able to create all the products that your prospects want. It’s a lot easier to sell someone else products than to create one yourself.
  1. You will never need to ensure there is enough stock and manage them.

It’s Takes Time To Build Up Your Reputation 

Trust me on this- no matter what market you are in, your prospects and customers will have a bigger demand than you can meet. Some people think that they can get their products selling very easily, which is not going to happen. What they do not know is it is not so easy because there are much more competitive solutions available when people type in the Google search. So you might as well be the trusted source to introducing other people’s stuff.

What I mean by selling other people’s stuff?

 If you are doing any affiliate programs, marketing CPA offers, advertising or even AdSense… then you are selling other people’s stuff. There is nothing wrong with using this method, In fact it is good for the reasons I outline above. I suggest using both. When I first started out in the online world, I do not have the knowledge to create my own product, so I sell other people’s stuff.

To date I only sell other people’s stuff. Basically I have two CPA offers (Cost Per Action) on my site. They were what we termed them as “soft offers”. One is for an online business and another is for keyword search for online marketing. That means that people would sign up for a free trial on my site and I would get paid for each person that took the trial. The people didn’t have to buy the product and didn’t need to input credit card details.

I did not have to do anything other than request for a free trial. It is a very lucrative source of extra income. You can start by selling your own products or selling other people’s products but in the long run, it best to do both. You need your products or services for the revenue, the profit margin and the control.

Sell others people products to smooth out your cash flow, and to meet the needs of your clients and prospects. You can do so by affiliate marketing, CPA, selling advertisement, AdSense or direct selling others people stuff on your site. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but they are very rare. For most business, I suggest many will want to go after both revenue methods.

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