How to Remove URL / Website Field from WordPress Comment Form

WordPress website field in comment form is a way to submit url to others website to gain backlinks and traffic. But Today’s many spammers are using it to drop shady links, and many bloggers approve their comments. Sites related to entertainment, recipes, health etc types website receive multiples of spammy links daily. You can also use anti spam wordpress plugin to protect your site from spam.

But you can also try to remove website field in wordpress comment form, So chances are you will not receive spam comments.

After removing website field from comment box in wordpress, users can only enter name, email and a message. So if you think to remove website field from comment section then follow the guide.

Remove Website Field From WordPress Comment Section: Step by Step Guide

Follow Step by Step Guide to remove Website Field from WordPress Comment Form.

  • First Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance>Editor
  • Find Theme Functions File (functions.php) and Open.
  • Add Following Code at the end of the file. Just Above ?>
add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'url_filtered');
function url_filtered($fields)
  return $fields;
  • Save File, and you are done.

Now Open your blog post and see your blog URL Field in comment form magically removed.

(Aside: if the changes don’t appear right away, make sure you’re not running a caching plugin, and if you are, be sure to flush the cache!)

Hope You like this easy trick to remove URL field from WordPress Comment Form.

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