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5G Technology: What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Network

5G Technology

Customers have witnessed several generations of data technology emerge in the last few years as smartphone technology has evolved. The first iteration was 3G, followed by 4G LTE, and now there are rumblings of a 5G version in the horizon. Even though 5G technology may not yet be widely used, it is crucial that people become familiar with it today so they can choose whether the characteristics are suitable for them.

Many technologies fall under 5G. It includes LTE-U (LTE Unlicensed), C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle to Everything), LTE for IoT, cellular drone etc.

Following are the main features of 5G technology.
• Bandwidth: Supports 1Gbps or higher
• Frequency bands: Sub-1 GHz, 1 to 6 GHz, > 6 GHz in mm bands (28 GHz, 40 GHz)
• Peak data rate: Approx. 1 to 10 Gbps
• Cell Edge Data rate: 100 Mbps
• End to End delay : 1 to 5 ms


Advantages of 5G

1. Faster speeds

On phones and other devices, 5G performs faster than 4G and 4G LTE. Instead of taking minutes, users may download apps, music, movies, and videos instantly. Businesses can use the network’s 20 Gbps speed to provide services like automation and enhanced web conferencing, among other things. According to a recent poll, users who used 5G saved around 23 hours per day on downloading.

2. Short latency

With less latency than 4G, 5G is better able to handle cutting-edge applications like AI, IoT, and virtual reality. It also makes it simple for mobile phone users to access and browse websites. When you need to check up crucial information, it also provides you with a connection to the internet.

3. Increased capability

More than a hundred times more data might be handled by 5G than by 4G. Since it enables the analysis to transition between mobile and Wi-Fi wireless solutions, performance is greatly improved. It also offers useful ways to connect to the internet.

4. Wider bandwidth

The ability to transmit data as quickly as possible is made possible by 5G’s increased bandwidth, which is one of its key advantages. Also, by selecting a 5G network, mobile phone customers can get a faster connection with greater bandwidth.

Trends in Telecom Network

Disadvantages of 5G

1. Insufficient worldwide coverage

The main disadvantage of 5G is that it is now only available in a few places throughout the world. Cities will benefit from the 5G network the most; rural areas might not get service for several years. In comparison to other networks, constructing tower stations is quite expensive.

2. Upload rates

Mobile phone users may enjoy fast download rates thanks to 5G technology, and Upload rates are not much shorter than 100 Mbps compared to 4G. Furthermore, mobile phones need better battery technology for a 5G connection. Many phone owners report that when using 5G, their handsets become hotter.

3. Weakening of gadget batteries

Phones that use a 5G connection will undergo significant power drain, reducing battery life significantly. As a result, producers must invest in innovative battery technology to prevent batteries from breakage and other issues.

4. Cybersecurity

One of the negatives of 5G is the potential for hacking. The increased bandwidth makes it easier for hackers to take the database. It also makes advantage of software that enables weak attacks. When more devices are connected via 5G, the likelihood of an assault rises noticeably. In order to defend their infrastructure, companies and organisations will have to invest more money on a security operations centre.

Best Ways for International Money Transfer Services From India

Online money Transfer copy

Are you one of those people who like shopping online but finds it difficult to make purchases because they lack a credit card? I’ll provide you with a wonderful solution in this post for International Money Transfer. With your ATM debit card, you can quickly establish a virtual credit card that you can use for any international purchases where Indian debit cards are not accepted.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Doing International Money Transfer

When you transfer money internationally, there are a few things to consider in order to get your money’s worth.

Transfer Speed: You should expect an ideal timeframe of about 48-72 hours for the money sent from India through appropriate online channels and a few days for cheques and demand drafts.

Exchange Rates: The foreign exchange rate is the value of a currency compared to another foreign currency. A small difference in the exchange rate can make a significant difference in sending a large sum of money.

Overhead Charges: While transferring money, very often you’ll be charged a transfer fee that can be fixed or a percentage of the amount you are transferring, as well as foreign conversion tax and service tax in some cases, for each of the entities involved in the transfer process.

There are 3 main ways to make payments overseas from India.

  1. Bank debit or credit cards
  2. Online money transfers
  3. SWIFT/ Wire transfers

Bank Debit/ Credit cards

Most banks in India allow for international transfers and payments through your debit or credit card. Banks have linked up with companies like VisaMastercardAmex, or other transaction processing firms so that your card can be processed overseas.

But this is a feature that you may have to activate for your Indian-issued debit or credit card if you want to use it for international transactions- including those on online shopping sites. You can usually activate it online through your bank’s online banking facility.

Here is a step by step guide to using a bank debit or credit card for international payments:

  1. Ensure that your card works internationally by confirming the card or activating the international purchases feature online
  2. Sign the back of your card
  3. Use the card either by swiping in person or inserting the chip into the reader or by entering your card details on a payment page online
  4. Look over the details
  5. Confirm your transaction

Using a bank debit or credit card can be an easy choice for international payments since it is the same card you use within India for domestic purchases. But, the same card used internationally can end up costing you more because of international transaction fees and hidden fees with exchange rates.

Make sure to check your bank’s fees and charges for using your debit or credit card abroad.

Online Money Transfer

Online money transfers is a more recent method of sending overseas payments. These methods may make it quick, safe, and simple to send money to more locations. Also, you can frequently access online money transfers directly from a mobile app at any time.

Let’s take a look at two most popular options: PayPal and Wise. There are many other options are also available but we talk here only PayPal and Wise.

>> PayPal

With millions of consumers and businesses using its network, PayPal is the industry leader in online money transfers. The recipient party must first have a PayPal wallet in order to use this seamless method of money transfers and marketplace transactions.

>> Wise

Wise is best for easy low-cost international banking solution to transfers from India globally to 60+ currencies. Wise saves money for you by using smart tech to make payments quickly and securely to local currency bank accounts. Wise is regulated by FCA, and is trusted by over 12 million people around the world.

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money transfer 0 1

SWIFT/ Wire Transfer

Money can be sent from one bank account to another abroad using SWIFT or wire transfers. In contrast to online shopping, this works effectively for transactions like tuition payments, deposits, or any larger purchases.

The name of the international financial network that enables banks to transfer funds internationally is SWIFT. Although the majority of India’s medium-sized and big commercial and public banks are SWIFT members, it never hurts to double-check.

Also, when sending money abroad from India, be sure to obtain the SWIFT code and bank account details of your recipient. Every banks has different swift codes for international payments like IFSC code for Indian Payment.

Here is how SWIFT and wire transfers work with banks and Western Union:

The easiest and fastest way to do a SWIFT or wire transfer with your Indian bank is through online banking. Here are the steps, although they may vary from bank to bank:

  1. Sign in to your bank’s online or net banking system
  2. Click on the tab for “Transfer” or “Funds Transfer
  3. Select international transfers
  4. If this is the first time with your recipient, add their details as a beneficiary (it may take 30 minutes to confirm)
  5. Once the beneficiary is confirmed, head back to international transfers
  6. Input the amount to send
  7. Input the reason for sending
  8. Confirm your transaction

Top 10 Cyber Security Trends to Watch Out in 2023

95873489 2

Cybersecurity is a method of safeguarding systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.  Need for a Cybersecurity specialists are increasing, and they are hired by businesses to secure secret information, preserve staff productivity, and boost customer trust in products and services.

Cyber security is governed by the industry standard of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, or CIA. Only authorized users can access data; only authorized users can add, alter, or remove information. The usage of authentication systems is a key component of Cyber Security. A username, for example, identifies an account that a user wishes to access, but a password serves as proof that the user is who he claims to be. Know more about Cyber Security career.

Types of Cyber Security

The cybersecurity trend is used in a range of situations, ranging from business to mobile computing, and they may be broken down into a few categories. 

1. Network Security

This technique safeguards a computer network from intruders, whether deliberate attackers or opportunistic malware. 

2. Application Security

It focuses on preventing malware from infecting software and devices. A hacked programme might provide access to the data it was supposed to secure. Security starts long before a piece of software or a device is used. 

3. Data Integrity and Privacy

These are protected by information security, both in storage and in transport. 

4. Operational Security

It refers to the procedures and actions used to manage and secure digital assets. This umbrella encompasses the protocols that regulate how and where data may be stored or shared, as well as the rights users, have while accessing a network. 

5. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

These phrases define how a firm responds in the event of a cyber-security breach or any other disaster that causes a loss of operations or data. Incident recovery policies define how an organization restores operations and information so that activities may restart at the same level as before the disaster. A business continuity plan is used when an organization is unable to operate due to a lack of resources. 

6. End-user Education

It addresses the most surprising component of cyber-security: people. Anyone might unwittingly introduce a virus into an otherwise secure system by failing to follow adequate security precautions. Every organization’s security depends on its employees learning to discard suspicious email attachments, not plug in unidentified USB devices, and several other important lessons. All of these things are possible if you have an Ethical Hacking certification.

Checkout 100+ Computer Shortcut Keys list

11 cybersecurity padlock 1 scaled

Computer Security or Cybersecurity Trends

Here are the top cybersecurity trends.

1) Rise of Automotive Hacking 

Modern vehicles nowadays come packed with automated software creating seamless connectivity for drivers in cruise control, engine timing, door lock, airbags and advanced systems for driver assistance. These vehicles use Bluetooth and WiFi technologies to communicate that also opens them to several vulnerabilities or threats from hackers. Gaining control of the vehicle or using microphones for eavesdropping is expected to rise in 2023 with more use of automated vehicles. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles use an even further complex mechanism that requires strict cybersecurity measures. 

2. Artificial Intelligence’s Potential (AI)

AI, along with machine learning, has resulted in major gains in cybersecurity, with AI being applied across all market sectors. AI has played a crucial role in the development of automated security systems, natural language processing, face recognition, and autonomous threat detection. It’s also being used to construct intelligent malware and attacks to get beyond the most up-to-date data security measures. Artificial intelligence-based threat detection systems can predict new attacks and notify administrators of data breaches instantly. 

3. The New Target is Mobile

In 2020, cybersecurity trends predict a significant increase (50 percent) in mobile banking malware or assaults, making our mobile devices a target for hackers. Individuals are more at risk from all of our images, financial transactions, emails, and communications. A smartphone virus or malware may be the focus of cybersecurity developments in 2023. 

4) Cloud is Also Potentially Vulnerable 

With more and more organizations now established on clouds, security measures need to be continuously monitored and updated to safeguard the data from leaks. Although cloud applications such as Google or Microsoft are well equipped with security from their end still, it’s the user end that acts as a significant source for erroneous errors, malicious software, and phishing attacks.

5) Data Breaches: Prime target

Data will continue to be a leading concern for organizations around the world. Whether it be for an individual or organization, safeguarding digital data is the primary goal now. Any minor flaw or bug in your system browser or software is a potential vulnerability for hackers to access personal information. New strict measures General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced from May 25th, 2018 onwards, offering data protection and privacy for individuals in the European Union(EU). Similarly, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was applied after January 1st, 2020, for safeguarding consumer rights in the California area. 

6. Technology and Risks in a New Era: IoT on a 5G Network

The Internet of Things will usher in a new age of interconnectivity with the arrival and proliferation of 5G networks (IoT). This communication across several devices exposes them to outside influence, assaults, or undetected software defects, exposing them to outside influence, attacks, or software fault. Even Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, and a Google product has been found to have serious problems. 5G architecture is a relatively new technology in the market, and it needs an extensive study to identify security flaws and make the system safe from external assault. Every level of the 5G network might lead to a plethora of network attacks that we are completely ignorant of. To prevent data breaches, manufacturers must create complex 5G hardware and software with extreme caution. 

7) Automation and Integration 

With the size of data multiplying every day, it is eminent that automation is integrated to give more sophisticated control over the information. Modern hectic work demand also pressurizes professionals and engineers to deliver quick and proficient solutions, making automation more valuable than ever. Security measurements are incorporated during the agile process to build more secure software in every aspect. Large and complex web applications are further hard to safeguard making automation as well as cyber security to be a key concept of the software development process.

8. Ransomware with a Specific Target

Targeted ransomware is another critical cybersecurity problem that we can’t seem to ignore. Industries, particularly in industrialized countries, rely largely on specialized software to manage their everyday operations. These ransomware targets are more targeted, such as the Wanna Cry ransomware assault on NHS hospitals in England and Scotland, which infected over 70,000 medical equipment. Though ransomware often threatens to reveal the victim’s data unless a ransom is paid, it may also impact huge organizations or countries. 

9) State-Sponsored Cyber Warfare

There won’t be any stoppage between the western and eastern powers in attempts to find superiority. The tension between the US and Iran or Chinese hackers often creates worldwide news though the attacks are few; they have a significant impact on an event such as elections. And with more than 70 elections bound to be held this year, criminal activities during this time will surge. Expect high-profile data breaches, political and industrial secrets to top cybersecurity trends for 2023.

10. Threats from Within

Human error is one of the most prevalent reasons for data breaches. A single bad day or purposeful flaw may bring an entire corporation down, resulting in millions of dollars in stolen data. Employees were directly or indirectly responsible for 34% of overall attacks, according to a report by Verizon in data breach that provides strategic insights on cybersecurity trends. As a result, make sure that staff are aware of the need to secure data in every way possible. 


Organizations will be increasingly afraid to stack their security measures in 2023 as a result of these cybersecurity developments. Organizations are likely to spend more than ever on asset protection this year, with estimates of $100 billion or more. With infrastructure security being such an important aspect of practically any firm today, it would be a wise decision to begin their cybersecurity education today to become specialists for tomorrow. Cybersecurity specialists who are skilled and experienced are among the highest-paid in the IT business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the three top trends in cyber security?

Trending cybersecurity topics are: 

1. The Rise of Automotive Hacking. 
2. Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) Potential. 
3. The Mobile Device is the New Target. 

What are the 5 types of security?

Cybersecurity may be divided into five categories:- 

1. Security of critical infrastructure. 
2. The safety of the application. 
3. Network safety is important. 
4. Cloud safety. 
5. Security for the Internet of Things (IoT). 

What is the latest trends in cyber security?

The New Target Is Mobile 
According to cybersecurity trends, mobile banking malware or assaults are on the rise (by 50%), making our portable devices a target for hackers. All our photographs, financial transactions, emails, and interactions put people in danger. 

What are the latest advancements in cybersecurity?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have made significant contributions to the progress of cyber security. By modelling network activity and enhancing overall threat detection, machine learning is being used to identify harmful conduct by hackers.

Top 10 Trending AI Websites That Will Excite You to The Core!


Create music, short form videos, memes, or even get ChatGPT on your WhatsApp – these AI websites will change the way you experience the Internet.

Interesting Artificial Intelligence-based websites and their working

AI websites: Artificial intelligence is one of the most significant technological advancements of the 21st century. Although we’re already using AI, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, the best AI websites out there also add plenty of novelty to the concept. Some AI websites and apps have recently gone viral for creating unique paintings based on sentences. Others have revolutionized text-to-voice applications or even enhanced low-resolution images. However, only a few of these websites remain relatively unexplored by most people. So, if you’re someone who’s interested in where AI is going, you’re going to love this list!

AI Websites

AI websites that can make your life easier

1. DALL·E2

If there is a discussion about amazing websites in AI, then how can anyone forget DALL·E 2? Do you want to make a portrait or drawing or create an image of your complicated thoughts? But is it hard for you to draw it on paper? What if you can just describe your thoughts in words/texts and create images/drawings? Don’t worry, DALL·E 2 will help you here in the same fashion!

>>> go to DALL·E2

image 1

2. Nightcafe

It works on a stable diffusion model, which will be released in 2022. Although it can be used for various tasks, including inpainting, outpainting, and creating image-to-image translations directed by text prompts, its primary usage is to generate detailed visuals conditioned on text descriptions.

Go to Nightcafe Ai

image 2

3. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance uses cutting-edge Image Super Resolution technology based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Our neural network is trained on a huge dataset of images, so it learns typical features of physical objects – bricks of walls, hair and skin. After the network recognises those features on the images uploaded and add extra details, based on its general knowledge the the world.”

>>> go to lets enhance

Lets Enhance 1024x512 1

4. Talk to books

Talk to the book is one of the most amazing websites that I have found! you can talk to a book like in the same way as we talk to humans. you can ask anything on the dialog box, and it will return the extracted semantic pieces of answers that fit best to your question.

>>>Go to Talk to Books

Benefits of Coding for childrens
Over the shoulder shot of a male high school student doing computer coding on a laptop.

5. Teachable Machine

Is model training quite expensive right? AI-ML-DL models require training which must have been faster and less expensive. what if we get an online website that will assist you with the training image, sound & pose data? that’s actually cool!

>>> Go to Teachable Machine

madewith sorter

6. D-id.com

Photographs capture more than words. However, there could have been moments that one wished they could have preserved as a video. Thanks to AI, now it is possible. D-id.com is a website that takes the help of the latest generative AI tools to help users animate their photographs in a few clicks. One can create talking avatars using the Creative Reality Studio on the website. The platform claims that it is backed by Stable Diffusion and GPT-3 which lets users turn their ideas into personalised videos. The website is offering a cost-efficient solution to all those who seek to create engaging video content and have next-to-no technical knowledge.

>>> go to D-id.com

download 3

7. Soundful.com

If it can write, speak and comprehend, it can also make music. The Soundful.com is a website that uses AI to let users create royalty-free tracks. According to the company, the platform offers an easy solution for all those looking forward to music generation in a matter of a few steps. The website says users can pick a genre of their choice, customize their inputs and create tracks as per their preference. The website also offers high-quality music samples. Soundful.com claims that its platform is built for producers, creators and brands. The website offers free, premium and enterprise plans for its users.

>>> go to Soundful.com


8. Mightygpt.com

Ever since it was introduced in November last year, ChatGPT has gone on to become one of the most popular AI-backed tools in the world. The chatbot launched by OpenAI has been helping users write essays, poetry, emails, generate code, etc. Mightygpt.com is a website that brings the utility of chatgpt directly to your smartphone via WhatsApp. Although paid, this website lets users enjoy the world’s most powerful chatbot on their WhatsApp. Based on a video demo of the application, engaging with ChatGPT on WhatsApp is as simple as chatting with any other user on the instant-messaging application. As of now, the service is only compatible with Android devices, however, the website says that users can expect the same on iOS soon.

>>> go to Mightygpt.com


9. Landbot.io

Chatbots have changed the way companies engage with its vast consumer base. These software applications help companies with online conversation via text or text-to-speech in place of a direct communication with a human representative. Building a chatbot is not easy as it requires technical knowhow. However, landbot.io lets users build their own chatbot that they can deploy anywhere. The platform offers Website chatbots, WhatsApp automation and API & SDK interface that lets users deploy their chatbots in their applications and channels.

>>> go to Landbot.io

download 1

10. Supermeme.ai

Memes have turned into a language in itself. Social media users around the globe have made memes a part of their everyday interactions. Now, there is a meme for every occasion. Everyone has ideas worth translating into memes, however, not everyone gets to make the perfect meme. Supermeme.ai is a website that lets users describe their thoughts and lets its AI tool create original memes. The website offers meme creation in over 110 languages. The website works in the simplest of ways – users just need to describe their subject or situation and hit on ‘Generate’. Moreover, the website also functions as a meme search engine.

>>> go to Supermeme.ai

download 2

How to Allow Contributor to Upload Images in WordPress Without Using Plugin

Hello guys, If you created the “contributor” user role in your WordPress blog, and your writer needs to upload images too but they can’t, Because the WordPress contributor user role lacks the permission to upload images, there are a few plugins that can let you change role permissions, but here in this WordPress Tutorial, we are going to share a simple step to give contributors permission to upload images without a plugin.

WordPress Tutorial to Allow Contributors Upload Images

One minor change in the theme’s functions file is sufficient to give WordPress contributors the permission to upload and insert images without using any plugin.

1: First login to your cPanel and go to File Manager. And access your domain files.

Allow Contributors Upload Images

2: Next you go to wp-content>Themes>your-themes>functions.php. and add bellow code in bottom of functions.php file.

if ( current_user_can('contributor') && !current_user_can('upload_files') )
	add_action('admin_init', 'wif_allow_contributor_uploads');

function wif_allow_contributor_uploads() {
	$contributor = get_role('contributor');
WordPress Tutorial to Allow Contributors Upload Images

Thats it, now contributor has access to media library and upload permission.

Why should you teach coding to your children? Benefits of Coding

Nowadays, even before they can count, kids learn how to use a smartphone. Along with playing games, they use a variety of applications on it. They may quickly download their preferred games from the application store, change the wallpaper and ringtone on their phone, and more.
Let’s first try to understand how children are able to learn such things so rapidly and readiy without much assistance from their parents or teachers.

Benefits of Codi

The answer is simple. Children pick up any concept easily if it is :
Visual in nature instead of blob of text.
Interactive in nature instead of theoretical.
When people use a smartphone, both of the above are present. This should provide us with some guidance on how to teach lessons to kids in a way that will enhance their learning.
Coding belongs to the same class. Children gain useful and vital life skills from it without even recognising it. That is only one of the many good reasons for parents to consider teaching their kids to code.
There are a number of other compelling arguments to persuade you that it is not only interesting but crucial in the present. Here are some other advantages of coding.

Benefits of Coding for Childrens

coding for kids

1). Improving Basic Mathematical Skills

When coding, the current problem is examined and divided into smaller subproblems.
Additionally, each subproblem must be solved carefully and patiently. By doing this, they can get over their aversion to math.

2). Critical Analysis

Every line in coding requires taking a decision. Students become critical thinkers as a result of this. They are introduced to a few STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields through this.

3). Perseverance

This is a significant matter. Programming is not a magic wand that carries out our every command. Instead, you must deliver precise and understandable instructions. If this isn’t done, the computer doesn’t display the expected outcome. It continuously asks us to experiment with new approaches. A critical skill is taught through this cycle of error and trial.

4). Being Imaginative

Children gain the confidence to accomplish more difficult tasks as they begin to create even simple things. They will not only become producers but also consumers thanks to this quality.

5). The Future’s aptitude

Not to mention, one of the most in-demand skills for the future is coding.

The advantages are numerous, and the opportunities are limitless. The learning curve in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) will only become a little bit steeper if coding is not taught. You should definitely give it a shot, so we advise you to!

E-Commerce App Development For Beginners: Things to Know Before Starting


With the advent of technology, everything is changing, even the way we shop is no longer limited to buyers going to the shops and purchasing the items. Rather with the help of technology, buyers are purchasing their products online, at their own convenience, while on the go, avoiding the queue and with the option of selecting from a vast range of options for a single item. As a result of this, the demand for e-commerce sites has been on a substantial rise and the demand for the e-commerce development company.

So if you are going to develop an eCommerce app for your shop, there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind. First, it is always better to hire an App developer for such a project as they have the knowledge of the market and how to develop the e-commerce app that will suit your company. Second, find an app development company that uses reliable platforms for developing e-commerce websites and services.

Here In this post, we will discuss why you must go for an e-commerce App for your Business as well as why you should hire a professional App Developer for your App development services.


Magento E-commerce development is widely used and the most popular development platform. Magento gives you the edge over the others in your business. It will help you to have a business domain and presence on the web that is better than your competitors.

E-Commerce App Development

There are many huge companies in the market that offers e-commerce development services and have a team of professionals with robust experience in the field that can provide engaging Magneto e-commerce solutions. The companies offer Magneto e-commerce solutions which range from Magneto 1. x to Magneto 2. x. An e-commerce development company also ensures that you get the best solutions with the Magneto e-commerce solutions in web development and market integration as well as the B2B solution deployment. Magneto E-commerce solution is best for developing an e-commerce app since it provides unique solutions that can help in an unprecedented level of overall business growth.

To get such a service one should always consider hiring mobile app development services since the experience service provider knows how to develop the app that will benefit your company.


Before you jump into developing an e-commerce app for your business, there are several questions that you should have answers for:

  • What kind of e-commerce app do you wish to launch?
  • Will it be for selling your own products or will vendors have to register?
  • Who is your target audience, and the kind of product that you want to sell?
  • Who will be managing the delivery of the products?
  • How do you want to upload the products, change the pricing and update the stock?
  • How will the commission work?
  • How do you want the reviews to work and who can leave the review?
  • For which platform do you intend to make the app, Android, iOS, or both?

These are important questions that you need to have answers to since when you hire an app developer, he/she or the company will work accordingly to develop the e-commerce app. But as a client, you should be aware that the developer has the knowledge of the following and develops the app accordingly to make your e-commerce app a success.

The Buyer: Before starting the app decide on your target audience, and conduct research. Understand your buyer’s persona, likes, dislikes, and age. This will help in creating an app that the buyers can relate to.

Your Competitors: Research into the competitor’s business model and the reasons that make the buyers choose them. Instead of copying their model offer something that is unique in the app so the buyers are attracted to your e-commerce app.

Select the Technology: As a developer, you should be aware of the business and the best technology that can be used for creating the e-commerce app while maintaining the budget, selecting the inventory as well as the CMS, database, and framework. Also, knowing the code of the app for both front and back-end languages. If possible it is better to have a hybrid app, as it is better to capture the market.

UX and UI Design: It is important to design the app keeping in mind that it provides a unique User Experience (UX) and Unser Interface (UI). A well-known mobile app development company should be able to create visuals, color schemes, and app transitions with a logo that will attract customers as well as create a lasting impression on their minds.

Full Synchronization: if you already have an e-commerce website ensure that you synchronize it well with your e-commerce mobile app.

Google Analytics: As part of the back-end of the app, get your answers on how your app is faring with Google Analytics. You can receive real-time data about your customer’s preferences and the demography of the buyers. This will help you in analyzing your business.

Social Media Integration: This will ensure that your app’s products are in front of your customer every time they log into any social media platform. Researchers have shown a constant presence helps in enhancing sales.

Easy Registration: One of the key aspects to bring in customers is to have an app that has an easy registration process. To ensure that you can have a registration process with a couple of clicks.

Multiple Payment Options: To retain customers you must offer multiple payment options for the e-commerce app. So while using the most popular methods like a debit card and credit card, net banking, UPI, Mobile Payment options, and COD, you should also offer an e-wallet payment system as that is now the trend. With this method, you can also nudge your customers to use your in-built wallet system if you wish to do so in the future.

Push Notification: Engage your customers with the push notification feature. This will ensure your customers are kept up-to-date with all the referrals, offers, discounts, sales, promotions, and the arrival of new stocks.

Review & Ratings: As a developer, you should provide the option of reviewing and rating the app as well as the products as it will help you to understand the shortcomings of the app and the product. The features that the customers like and don’t.


E-commerce development is the demand of the time; hardly relevant to the size of your business. The companies are in fact making impressive business with the help of an attractive and engaging Magento e-commerce development. Alongside, the developer’s experience also speaks with the end product, therefore it is always imperative for businesses to partner with a company that has a potential team of experienced developers. No matter you are looking for Android or iOS, a scalable app is what business needs, and this only can pay you an advantage.

If you Want to make an eCommerce app for your business, then KewZZ Technologies Pvt Ltd. can help you to build the best possible app design with high-grade security and the latest available features and functionality. Kewzz Technologies is one of the Best App Development Company in India and provides the best quality app development services for the business owners.

10 Best Magazine WordPress Themes for Your Blog & News Site


If you are looking for a fantastic theme for your next blog, then here we published 10 best Magazine WordPress themes for news blogs. These are the top-selling magazine wordpress themes. You can choose any of theme to make your website look awesome. these themes have everything customizable directly from admin panel. you can do what you want.

Best Magazine WordPress themes

#1. Newspaper 

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This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging and excellent for e-commerce, shop, store, WooCommerce, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, or review site. It supports videos from YouTube. AMP and mobile ready. RTL & multilanguage support. GDPR compliant, the theme is fast, simple, and easy to use for cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist projects, web development, and more websites.

We are also using this theme in our blog. you can use this theme in your blog without any thought. this one is best in the market.

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#2. JNews 


JNews is a theme designed to provide an “All In One” solution for every publishing need. With JNews, you can explore endless possibilities in crafting the best fully functional website. We provide 150+ Homepage Demos that are perfect for your News site, Magazine site, Blog site, Editorial site, and for all kinds of publishing websites. Also provided an automatic import feature to replicate one of the JNews demos that you like with just a click.

JNews also provides several ways in which you can generate revenue from. The options are advertisement with Google Ads & AdSense, Online Shop with WooCommerce, Paid Post Submission, Paywall & Paid Content Subscriptions, Sponsored Posts, or you can also use a Marketing Affiliate link or referral using the JNews Review system. It comes with fully responsive Google AdSense, Page Level Ads, and much more.

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#3. Jannah 

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 Jannah has a fully responsive design that not only adapts to all of today’s modern devices but responds to the most up to date mobile devices for swipeable content.

It also appears to think for you with intelligent menu features that adapt to the user’s device to ensure they have the best, most seamless experience possible while consuming your content.

Jannah takes a fresh look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern age of content marketing and flips it on its head with a stunning design, fresh layout options, modern sharing options and integration of most popular extensions for WordPress for maximum flexibility.

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#4. Publisher

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Publisher theme is the best and most complete magazine, blog and Newspaper theme that was created ever for WordPress.

Publisher is the one of the best theme available in the market for blog and news sites. We are already using this beautiful wordpress theme in our 2 projects.

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#5. Foxiz 

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Foxiz is a WordPress theme perfect for news, magazine, blog and for all kinds of publishing websites. It has all the tools for every publishing need, easy to use for blogging, fashion, food, beauty, technology, gadget, hardware, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, viral, architecture, game, minimal, video, cryptocurrency, podcast and more websites.

This theme supports Elementor, dark mode, AMP, RTL, multi languages, paywall, membership, GDPR compliant. SEO friendly with schema structure for organization, site links search box, breadcrumbs bar. Support Open Graph, compatible with Yoast, All in One and Rank Math SEO plugins… That will make search engines love your website.

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#6. Neeon 

neeon wordpress theme

Neeon is indisputably among the handful one of best WordPress news magazine themes. It boasts a flexible and modern layout that makes it suit any website idea easily. You can use it as easily for news and magazine websites as for blogging purposes. Neeon has all the features that any great news magazine website must-have. Its contemporary and clean layout and versatility cement its place among the few best ones.

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#7. SmartMag 

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SmartMag is battle-tested on sites with millions of visitors, powering 25k+ websites since 2014. With user feedback, research and experience during 7 years, we have updated with Ultimate Version 8. It’s easy-to-use as ever, top performance, yet extremely flexible to build the website of your imagination.

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#8. Bimber 

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Bimber is a viral magazine theme, that lets you launch a fully functional viral site in no more than 24 hours. It comes with powerful sharing buttons; popular, hot, trending listings and multiple ad locations. Everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Just start today and go viral today!

This theme has many demos for shareable viral content like lists, polls, quizzes, breaking news, memes, gifs, gags, social bookmarks, video, open lists, freebies, celebrity news & gossip. Insired by popular sites like BuzzFeed, 9GAG, Reddit, Hacker News, Bored Panda or YouTube and their clones.

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#9. Newsmag 

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Newsmag is a modern WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!

The Newsmag template is excellent for a personal blog, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. News mag supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense. Build your WordPress website without any coding skills.

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#10. Sahifa

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Sahifa News Theme is a clean, modern, user friendly, fast-loading, customizable, flexible, functional and fully responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Newspaper, and blog Theme.

This amazing product offers many incredible features, each added in order to enhance your web page. It manages to balance power and beauty, resulting in a high-quality browsing experience for all users. Many sites have to choose between complexity and accessibility, given that their layout cannot adapt to the diminutive screens of hand-held devices. Thankfully, this theme has solved all compatibility and resizing issues.

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