Friday, October 30, 2020

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Block Websites in chrome

6 Best Chrome Extension to Block Unwanted and Distracting Sites

We have also written trick to block websites in chrome without any extension. But it is quite difficult to setup and maintain. Fortunately, there...
Block Any Website

2 Ways to Block any Website in Google Chrome Without any Extension or App

Whether you suspect your children are visiting websites they shouldn't, feel certain sites are distracting you from work or just want to remove a...
Porn baned in India

Porn Banned: 5 Ways To Access Banned Sites in India

Indian government banned over 800+ porn websites. Internet is our freedom and its our decision what we search on Internet, What i watch on...

How to Access Blocked Websites in Google Chrome

Hello guys, Sometime we need to access country restricted sites.  Today i'm on this topic because indian government ban many of most popular sites (You...