Top 5 Dummy Text Generator Tools

Dummy text is known as Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet. It is very useful and important for web designers. Designers use it to fill the content area in a template when there is no actual project. Basically, it has no meaning, you can generate it in different languages.

Here I’m listing 5 best dummy text generator tool, You can use anyone to fill the content.

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1). Lipsum

Available in over 30 different languages. generate paragraphs, words, bytes or lists. Start the sentence with or without Lorem ipsum characters. Available for Firefox and Chrome as an extension.

2). Blindtextgenerator

Generate dummy text using lorem ipsum, cicero, far far away, werther, kafka, Pangram or atoz123ATOZ. Set words and paragraphs.


Also in Hindi with other languages. Just or download in HTML or plain text file. Maximum 4500 words. Add random marks from different languages.

4). Typetester

The bad thing is that it is complex because it has multiple choices and the good thing is that everything is already done.

5). Loremipsum

Download different variants in .txt, .doc or zip format. Decide words, paragraphs and characters to generate and copy to paste.

Abhay Pratap Singh
Abhay Pratap Singh
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