How to Preview Links Before Clicking – Google Chrome Extension

Have you ever wished you could see what was behind a link before clicking on it?

When mistreatment Google Chrome to browse the net or scan a social networking web site like Facebook or Google+, a feature which will allow you to preview links will extremely are available handy.

If you’re craving for a straightforward thanks to preview a link before clicking thereon, look no additional. There’s a neat extension for Chrome that permits you to try to to simply that.

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Preview Links Before Clicking - Google Chrome Extension Devendra Meena
Preview Links Before Clicking – Google Chrome Extension by Devendra Meena on TrixHub

1. Install the SwitftPreview extension.

2. Head over to the options page by right clicking on the SwiftPreview browser icon and selecting “options.”( you’ll be able to even create the preview suitable your window)


4. By default, you’ll see a link preview by simply hovering over the link – once a small delay. In choices you’ll amendment this behavior in order that you have got to carry down the shift key to check a preview instead.

5. Once you’re done fixing the choices, you’ll browse to any online page to check it out. once you hover your mouse over a link (short or long), you must see a preview once a number of seconds (or long if you’ve modified it within the options).


6. you’ll pin the preview to your window by clicking the CTRL key on your keyboard. this manner it won’t disappear after you move your mouse off from the link.

7. you’ll additionally block link previews on individual domains by clicking on the browser icon from that domain. SwiftPreview are going to be forthwith disabled thereon domain; you’ll click the browser icon once more to re-enable it for that domain.

That’s it’s! SwiftPreview is unquestionably not the sole tool which will assist you preview links in Google Chrome, however it’s straightforward and will the task well. You’ll save time and clicks.

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