How to Make a Colorfully Designed QR Code with Custom Watermark

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Hello friends, Here in, I’m going to help you to make an amazing beautifully designed QR Code for any purpose. You can generate QR code for any web link, Email, Direct text, Messages even WhatsApp messages, WiFi Password, vcard, Paypal, & Bitcoin.

I Also added a simple video for easy understanding. So you can watch video directly to make QR Code.

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How to Make a QR Code in Easy Steps

  1. Go to QR code generator.
  2. Choose the watermark type which you want to add on your QR Code, you can also make without choosing watermark.
  3. Choose the background and foreground color, and also choose size.
  4. If you want transparent QR Code then choose the Transparent background option.
  5. Select the QR Code design. We added 4 types of QR code designs. choose one of them.
  6. Select type according to your promotion.
  7. Enter your data in the bellow form that appears.
  8. And now just click on Generate QR Code.
  9. You QR Code generated and you can download in PNG format or SVG format.
  10. Test your generated QR code from your mobile QR Code Scanner to make sure it scans.
  11. Share and distribute your QR code.
Watch Video For Easy Understanding

Abhay Pratap Singh
Abhay Pratap Singh
Abhay Pratap Singh is Digital Entrepreneur, Who is Making Money From the Internet since 2012. He Also Works as a Freelancer and Does Web and Mobile app Development. Apart from That, He Invests in Stock Market and Crypto Currencies. Here in iTechCube, Writes about Blogging, WordPress Guides, and Tutorials to help begginers.

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