How to View Locked Facebook Private Profile Picture in Large

Facebook is introducing latest features like graph search and new sponsored advert for profile. Facebook is really helping us to connect with our friends, family and other people.

Have you ever noticed in some Facebook profiles, Profile pictures cannot be opened or maximized. Because these profile pictures are privacy maintained or locked by facebook user. To see locked profile pictures Without losing picture quality.

here is trick for you.


Steps To Enlarge Facebook Private Pictures:

  • Open any locked profile picture account.
  • Right click on the image & select Copy image URL.
  • Paste the copied image link in a new address bar.
  • Change image resolution to 160*160 to 720*720 .

How to Change Image Resolution Of Facebook Image:

ie. Image URL for private pic  is×160/734516_464055823663681_423334440_n.jpg

Change resolution display in red 160×160 to 720×720×720/734516_464055823663681_423334440_n.jpg

Thats It

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