5 Reasons for Disapproval of Google Adsense

In blogging many people says that I applied for Ads to the Google, but my application got rejected or whenever I apply for Adsense Ads, Google disapproves my request. Even my requests got disapproved four times before I got approved, but people don’t know, what are the reasons responsible for the disapproval of their Adsense application, Google always mentions some reasons in reply email which are responsible for not accepting one’s Ads application. If you read those email(s) properly then you will understand some of the points why Google rejected it.google adsense application disapproved ikh0ve

Here are the some most common reasons for disapproval of your Adsense application..

1. Too Many Tags or Keywords

You  might know that Tags plays a very important role in improving your page’s visibility in the search engines. Search engines always search for the tags which show what is in your post. Actually these tags are the keywords or the word phrases that people types on different search engines for searching answer of their query. If you don’t know that then must settle this thing in your mind that, you should not give too many keywords in your post, because sometimes written articles are not so informative, but if it contains too many keywords search engines crawls, just because there are many keywords, but Google will not take the post as a healthy webpage, which makes a negative impression of your site to the search engine and Google never approve ads request from those blogs/sites.

Tags must be used in the post according to it’s quantity and quality. Using unusual, useless and irrelevant tags with an article reduces your credibility with the search engines and even people who come to see your website will not feel good, just imagine the moment you are searching for something and you open pages shown from search engine but you won’t find anything about the thing you are searching for, I’m sure you will never comeback to that particular site then why someone comes to your.

See using irrelevant, useless and inappropriate tags in your post may increase your visitors but Google will not accept your Adsense request, because as a good service provider Google always wants to provide best output to the every person using it.

 2. Lack of Quality Content

You must read this very very carefully, whenever you start writing for you website or any website you must write informative and original content instead of copying someone’s idea before you apply for Google Adsense. As I said Google is the best search engine and as the best service provider Google always looks for content that visitors would love to read from beginning till the end. If your website contains very few articles you will find it really difficult to get approve Adsense account. Atleast in the beginning, prefer to write content that which attaract the attention of readers so that Google consider your application. In your post use titles  and heading that are catchy as well as popular, and never neglect to post genuine and innovative material.and one most important point in article writing is it is better to have text as well as quality pictures in your post and also include videos too, these things make the post more interactive. People love to stay on those pages instead of the webpages that contain only text in post, but it doesn’t mean you use use picture in each of your post, if pictures are not relevant don’t use them.

 3. Presence of Copied Content

People think they can make Google fool but dear this is really a very tough thing to do, so if you are using any kind of copy paste either you stop this or stop dreaming of Adsense ads on your site because Google really hate copied and it’s not so tough for google to figure out copied content in a post or webpage, You may don’t know that but it’s true that by doing this you are harming your prestige in the cyber world. Google uses many algorithms and systems to track any kind copied content or any material easily, and most important by doing this you will disgrace your image in front of your readers.

It’s pretty easy to understand that, copy+paste is very easy for anyone one can copy content of a website and paste it on his own but as we know such kind of content isn’t consider as new and so that the particular blog or site will not get indexed by search engines and will not get ranking too. If Google or other search engines will not index your page then from where you will get visitors, from nowhere ! and as the result visits, views and clicks on your blog will be very low and you will get nothing. In short don’t do copy-paste.

4. Invalid Clicks and Comments

Many people generally thinks that if they click on their webpages their pageviews, traffic will increase and by doing this they will earn better but guys it’s called invalid clicks which is considered as a fraud or cheating by the internet companies. People who don’t have Adsense yet must remember, invalid clicks activity will make it much more difficult for your blog to get approved and even if you have approved Adsense account it doesn’t meant it will stay with you forever, invalid clicks and impression can also lead to cancellation of your approved adsense account.

 5. Incomplete Websites

This is the most important factor people don’t think about, they won’t give their attention to this but Google does, various necessary pages like About page, Privacy page and Contact page is very essential for Adsense, these pages provides info. about the blogger and Blog (the content what your blog contains) it creates a bond between readers and the blogger. Before submitting your application for Google Adsense you must have complete webpages that can be considered by Google, and yes Incomplete webpages will not be accepted and your application will get rejected until you complete it and resubmit your form.

I hope my effort help you, for any query, suggestion must comment.

Abhay Pratap Singhhttps://www.itechcube.com
Abhay Pratap Singh is Digital Entrepreneur, Who is Making Money From the Internet since 2012. He Also Works as a Freelancer and Does Web and Mobile app Development. Apart from That, He Invests in Stock Market and Crypto Currencies. Here in iTechCube, Writes about Blogging, WordPress Guides, and Tutorials to help begginers.

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