How to Auto Refresh Your Twitter Feed

Twitter-feed-refreshing-toolsEvery time you need to click on new tweet for refreshing your twitter feed. But Now you don’t need to click. We have found, tried and tested two useful extensions for Chrome and Firefox users that will keep your Twitter feed up-to-date, giving you an instant look at what’s happening.

Designed for Google’s browser, Refresh for Twitter uses the social networking site’s native “new tweets” feature to save you from clicking. While the pop-up banner will briefly appear as new content is available, moments later your feed will reload.

  • Firefox: Auto-Refresh Twitterre2

Mozilla Firefox users can download Auto-Refresh Twitter, which seamlessly updates your Twitter stream. Once installed, the add-on will automatically load new tweets, so every time you click the Twitter tab to browse, you’ll see the very latest content.

If you are using an alternate method please share with comments.

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