Web Browser Tricks to Speed up Web Browsing

One of the best ways you can boost your browsing speed is to get into your browser and tweak a few things. If you can hardly make the most of your internet connection because your browser takes too long to load the web pages you visit online, it must be time to do some changes on your browser. Here are some web browser tricks and tips that can help speed up your web browsing:

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Upgrade Your Web Browser:

If you have missed upgrading your web browser to its latest version, your computer becomes more at risk of security threats such as viruses and spywares. One reason why you should upgrade your browser is that the latest updates often provide patches that can protect your computer from security threats. These security threats do not just endanger the sensitive information stored in your PC. They can also negatively affect your browsing speed. You will experience a lag in your browsing speed if your computer is infected with malicious programs because spywares and viruses also use your internet bandwidth. Computers that have been infected with malwares also often display popup ads that may annoy and disrupt you while you browse online and most especially when you are using your PC to place calls through RingCentral’s business phone system. If you are using an old browser, you might have also noticed that it takes too much time for you to load websites. This is because old and outdated browsers are not as efficient to perform web page loading tasks as updated web browsers. Older web browsers are also unstable which is why they cannot load certain sites and may crash when you try to load media heavy web pages.

Disable Flash:

A lot of websites use Flash. Unfortunately, it is not your best friend if you are after your browsing speed because it tends to slow down the loading of web pages. You can opt to disable Flash by default and enable it only when needed. If you are using Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox, you can disable flash and improve your browsing speed by using the Flashblock extension.

Clear Your Cache and Browsing History at Least Once a Month:

The files that are stored in your browser’s cache and history can affect its loading speed and performance. Your browser will tend to slow down and will not work as efficient as before if there is a buildup of files in your  browser’s cache. You should therefore see to it that you do a cleanup of your cache and browsing history at least once a month to optimize your browser’s performance.

Avoid Installing Toolbars:

Toolbars can provide you with an easy access to your favorite online applications and services. Unfortunately, toolbars can also negatively affect your browsing speed because they can take up computer memory and use your internet bandwidth to send and receive data. You should therefore consider the compromises and disadvantages of having plenty of toolbars in your web browser if you want a fast browsing experience. If you are easily annoyed when it takes too long for your web browser to load web pages, then you should avoid installing toolbars. Alternatively, you can opt to use web browsers that no longer require you to install toolbars to access your most commonly used online services. Instead of installing the Google search toolbar on your browser, for example, you can choose to switch to Google Chrome instead. Google’s web browser allows you to input search strings into its URL address bar so you no longer have to install a search toolbar on your browser to do a search online.

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