Trimming Music Using Movavi Video Editor

Do you have a music track that you’d like to ‘trim’ so that you can extract just a part of it, shorten it, or maybe even do something like create a ringtone? Make no mistake being able to trim audio files can be pretty useful, but you need to be able to edit them in order to do so.

One of the easiest ways to trim music is by using Movavi Video Editor. As a video editor it is more than capable of acting as a music trimmer, and has lots of features that may prove helpful in other ways too.

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How to Trim a Music File

If you’d like to trim a music track you should first open the editor by launching Movavi Video Editor and clicking on ‘Create project in full feature mode’ in the menu. Next you should add the music track to the editor by hitting the ‘Add Media Files’ button then browsing and selecting it.

In the ‘Timeline’ area of Movavi Video Editor you should see the music track that you added, and if so you can start to trim it. Basically you will need to isolate the segment that you want to trim out by splitting the audio track.

Rest assured none of that is as complicated as it sounds, and you can start by moving the marker in the ‘Timeline’ to the point where you want to split the video. After you do, click on the ‘Split’ icon in the row above Movavi Video Editor’s ‘Timeline’ to split the video at that point.

In some cases you may need to use Movavi Video Editor to split the audio track twice so that the part that you want to remove is isolated. After it has been, you can click on the segment and press ‘Delete’ on your keyboard to remove it, or right-click the segment and select ‘Delete’ in the menu that appears.

When you’re done you can then click ‘Export’ and select the ‘Save Audio File’ tab to save the music file.

Take Advantage of Other Editing Features

As mentioned previously Movavi Video Editor has lots of other useful features, so before you save your music file you may want to take advantage of its capabilities. In particular, you could use it to edit the audio by adjusting equalizer settings, applying audio effects, removing background noise, normalizing quiet audio, and more.

Of course if you want to add a video to go along with the music that you just trimmed, Movavi Video Editor will have lots of other features that you can use. Needless to say you could trim videos in the same way that you trim music files, and on top of that will be able to apply filters and special effects, add captions, insert animated transitions, and more.

The range of features in Movavi Video Editor will definitely give you a number of options that are worth pursuing, and it won’t take long to familiarize yourself with all of them. For now however the best thing to do is to start by trying to trim any music file, then take things from there.

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