Top 10 Female CEOs in The World: Yoy Need to Know

1. Hilary RowlandHilary-Rowland

The 33-year old self-taught programmer is the CEO of eClick Interactive Inc and, the first free online portfolio tool, both

started in ’95 at age 15. The 5’9” svelte blonde heads Project Migration, selling her jewellery designs to eliminate poverty in Africa.

2. Marissa MayerMarissa-Mayer

The Yahoo! boss is worth $300 million, being the youngest Fortune 500 CEO. This 37-year old blonde tycoon is a former spokesperson and executive for Google, and graduated from Stanford.

3. Jennifer HymanJennifer-Hyman

She founded the website Rent the Runway in 2009. This 31-year old brunette’s creation allowed everyday women to rent high-fashion gowns and return them at a margin of the original price.

4. Tory BurchTory-Burch

The 46-year-old fashion designer is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. She runs her own fashion label, ‘Tory Burch’ and started the ‘Tory Burch Foundation’ to aid lower income families, and promotes women’s economic development.

5. Dylan LaurenDylan-Lauren

She started Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is the world’s biggest candy store. This 38-year old Duke alum states that it is themed around Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and now has branches in Orlando, New York City, Houston, and Long Island.

6. Victoria RansomVictoria-Ransom

The blonde New Zealander founded Wildfire in 2008, which was primarily a travel and adventure company. The Harvard MBA graduate developed it into a strong business with 400 employees and sold social media marketing software to large clients such as Pepsi, Publicis, Sony, and Unilever. With Alan Chuard, the co-founder, she sold Wildfire to Google for a reported $250 million.

7. Leslie BlodgettLeslie-Blodgett

The founder of Bare Escentuals, she transformed it into a $1.7 billion business with the introduction of bareMinerals, the healthy cosmetics alternative line. Along with QVC on late-night shows, her sales escalated tremendously.

8. Jesse DraperJesse-Draper

The 27-year-old actress is a talk show host, producer, and writer for the Valley Girl Talk show, while performing CEO duties for ValleyGirl Inc. She graduated from UCLA, majoring in films and television.

9. Tyra BanksTyra-Banks

The 39-year-old is the CEO of Bankable Enterprises, producing shows and handling talent in the fashion industry. The 5’10 former supermodel also started TZONE in 1999, which aims to develop life skills and leadership qualities.

10. Claire ChambersClaire-Chambers

The 32-year-old founder of Journelle Lingerie earlier worked as a management consultant. She sought to merge the fashion and lingerie industries. As is acknowledged by the greater civilizations, women are, and will remain the dominant and more intelligent species in terms of humility, vision, and humanity. As simple men, the endeavor to emulate, protect, and support them through all they require would go a long way.

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