6 Best Chrome Extension to Block Unwanted and Distracting Sites

We have also written trick to block websites in chrome without any extension. But it is quite difficult to setup and maintain. Fortunately, there are many third-party website blocker chrome extension available that will add the Website Blocker for Chrome feature. SO you can easily Block Site Access.

How to Block Website in Chrome Without Extension

Best Chrome Extensions to Block Websites

#1. SiteBlock


This Website Blocker extension works best for people who are not interested in fancy features and just want to block the required websites. It will only let you blacklist websites and specify time when they should be blocked. For instance, you can blacklist time killing social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube,Twitter and whitelist sites such as Google, Wikipedia, etc.

You can block all the websites and allow few, or allow all the websites and block few.

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#2. Nanny for Google Chrome


Nanny for Google Chrome is a feature rich Website Blocker for Chrome that helps you to block URLs at certain times in a day or set a time range (or hour range). For instance, you can block youtube from 10AM-5PM or to a maximum of 60 minutes a day or both. You can also group URLs to be blocked into block sets. You can create separate blocksets for groups of URLs. You can set universal filters using regular expressions.

Whitelists will allow you to access important websites irrespective of the blocksets. Finally, you can track your productivity from the graphs in the Statistics tab.

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#3. StayFocusd

StayFocusd forces you to focus on your work instead of browsing through attractive but addictive websites that distract from the task at hand. You can browse to the “time waster” websites and click on the extension to block them. As the screen shows, you can set a few options to selectively block pages or the entire site. As a shortcut, you can set it up so that StayFocusd only allows that particular site and no other.

The Settings page gives you powerful personal rules to apply like – setting the maximum number of minutes per day that you will be allowed to browse sites on the Blocked Sites list; the interesting option of the Challenge where you have to complete a difficult – but not impossible – challenge before you are allowed to change any settings…and many more.

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#4. TinyFilter


TinyFilter is perhaps the simplest Website Blocker Software for chrome. Straightaway after install, it gives you two options – either you block a site or trust it. The Options gives you a strong content filter. It does not come with time-restrictions but sites can be filtered using a keyword list or by entering specific URLs. A profanity filter can mask offensive words – there is a default list you can add your own words to. TinyFilter supports List Subscriptions which are basically text files that have all the content filter rules written down in a specific format.

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#5. Simple Blocker


Simple Blocker Chrome extension is not created to help block specific websites for your children, instead, it is created to help you focus on your work. Although, it does offer basic website blocking feature according to time and day, but it is still focused towards keeping you out so you could focus on your work. While working you can avoid addictive sites like facebook, youtube etc.

It can prevent you from disabling the extension for a specific time, this will force you to keep your focus on your work with no easy way around to access the blocked website.

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#6. Personal Blocklist (by Google)


Personal Blocklist doesn’t offer many features, but it is perfect for people who just want to block websites without getting in the hassle of adding numbers and periods. To block a website all you need to do is search for it on Google and you will see a new button “Block (searched website name)”. Click on it and the website will be added to the block list.

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