10 Best Part Time Job Opportunities For College Students

It does not matter which city you live in. If you are going to college then you obviously need some extra cash.

Even if your parent are willing to help you out still it is not enough and you have to look other ways to make money.

Here we give you 10 part-time jobs that you can do without affecting your college and studies.

1. Office Assistant

If you are looking for medium skilled jobs the office assistant or secretary is best for you.

Whether you are a male or female you can always find the job in your area. If you know someone like your Uncle or Parents then they can refer you.

Job profile is very easy because you got to do basic office work like working with files, checking appointments, helping out your boss etc.

2. Content Writing

Not every one of us can write. So this is a skilled part time job. If you can write decent English then you can go for it. Otherwise just skip this paragraph.

You would be working online where you have to write content on topics like travel, food, marketing etc. You will finish the work and submit it online.

The best part is you can work from home and do not have to commute or travel.

3. Blogging

Actually blogging is a bit similar to writing content. However here you have to have passion for writing good stuff.

If you can start your blog and share it to the world then it could possibly be the best way to make money.

To be honest it is difficult because you have to know a lot of things before you think of making money with blogging.

Both content writing and blogging are the best part-time jobs but you need more than average intellect.

4. Tutoring

Tutoring is very common among college students. After your college hours you can take tuition for 6 to 8 kids in your house.

You can teach anything from Math to Social Science to even English.

You have to teach them for just few hours like 1 to 2 hrs a day. You can arrange students in batches and take 2 to 3 batches each day.

The time you devote would be just 4 to 5 hours a day.

5. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry jobs are always available. They are both part time as well as full time.

You can easily find a part time data entry job where you fill data into excel spreadsheet. You can find the job in your area very easily. But you need to have typing speed of at least 40 words per minute.

There are other types of data entry jobs that you can find online. However you have to have 99.9% accuracy in order to get online data entry jobs.

6. Retail and Servicing Jobs

Jobs related to retail and service industries are for low skilled applicants. There is no dearth of jobs like Pizza Delivery boy or waiter in Start Bucks

However not everyone is comfortable with retail and servicing jobs. But you can do it in your semester break when you don’t have to attend college.

These jobs can be a great learning experience.

7. Telemarketing and Call Center

Telemarketing and call center jobs are also a good option. Here you need to have communication skills to handle calls.

You can find a job in a call center that is from 9 pm to 5 am in the morning. So you can go to college and work simultaneously.

However it will be very difficult to handle two things at same time but you can manage for a short period of time.

8. Event Manager and Coordinator

You manage or coordinate any type of event. For example a birthday party, marriage, concerts etc.

If you know about management then you can easily work for part time and earn some extra cash.

But you need good contacts if you want to new offers coming to you.

9. Real Estate Agent

If you live in a big city then real estate jobs are very easy to come by.

You can work under an established agent and be the part of his network and earn some extra cash.

Later on with some experience you will earn the commission directly from your client.

Money is really great but you have to have some background.

10. Hundreds of Online Freelancing Jobs

Final part time job in the list is various freelancing jobs that you can find on websites like upwork, freelancer, fiverr etc.

They offer you hundreds of jobs that you can do on part time basis. You can design logo, write code, design a website, marketing jobs and many others are available there.

If you are looking for a bigger list then you can check on surejob here where you can find 30 best part time job opportunities for college students.

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