Invite all Facebook Friends for Event With Bookmark

In previous we have posted Invite all facebook friens by one click to like your page from crome In this post we tell you to use crome extension to invite all your facebook friends.

But here i tell you how to create bookmark and How to Invite all Facebook Friends With Bookmark.

First of all Create a Bookmark  in your Browser. I am stating the steps for Chrome Browser.

  • Right Click on the Bookmarks Bar and Click on Add New Pageā€¦ [Click Ctrl+Shift+B to open Bookmarks bar if its not there] 

  • Give a Name to the Bookmark.

  • In the URL Section enter the following code.  

javascript: var field = document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i = 0; i < field.length; i++)field[i].checked = true ;

  • Hit OK and your Bookmark will show in your Browser Bar.

  • Go to the Event Page
  • Click on +Select Guests to Invite
  • An Invite Friends box will open. Drag the scroll bar to the end of that box. [It will happen slowly as facebook loads all your friends as you scroll to the bottom of the box. Make sure you end only when the box is at the very end of the scroll space as shown in the picture.]
  • Click on the Bookmarklet from your browser bookmark Bar.
  • All your friends will be selected. Now click on Submit and your invites will be sent. 

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Abhay Pratap Singh
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