How to check and Block Low RPM Ad Networks in Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the populer advertising network for monetizing blog content. Every type of bloggers use adsense. and Adsense is the single monetizing solution for some newbie bloggers. Many adsense publishers don’t know about this trick. So If you feel AdSense RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions) for your blog is not as good as before, Don’t sad. AdSense has allowed other ad networks to bid for ad inventories, specially interest based ads, so many of them run their ads on your blog even you have not signed up for them. You will find over 1000 certified ad networks, Google automatically allows all of them to advertise on your site .

I don’t recommend to block all certified ad networks, but you should check which have low RPM and you can block them.

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adsense low rpm

How to Find Low RPM networks?

(1) Login to Google AdSense
(2) Click on Performance reports, at last in top navigation menu.
(3) In left navigation menu Common Reports section has three sub sections, in third section Click on Ad Networks.

In this area you will find all the ad networks and their RPM rate, this area also has other information as CPC, CTR, Ad requests, Clicks and estimated earnings.
Here you have to find out and note down them all, their RPM can be as low as 0.04 or 0.06.

How to block Low RPM Ad networks?

You already have a list, So you just have to block them.
(1) Go to Allow & Block Ads, just before Performance Reports on top menu.
(2) This section has another navigation below the top navigation, here click on Ad Networks.
(3) Look for search box in right side of the area. Now search for a low RPM ad network and block it by clicking on allowed.
(4) You have to repeat the third step for each ad low RPM ad network.

That’s It. Share your views.

Abhay Pratap Singh
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  1. Thank you for help. I didn’t know about this, but I looked it up because I thought it was possible. I just saw the report and it had a network with 0.01 cent of RPM. Helped a lot


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