How to Change Facebook Profile & Page Username

Many peoples asking What is My Facebook Username, How to Change Facebook Username, Change Facebook Username URL etc. So We created this post.

When we create facebook profile then facebook set default username for your facebook profile that has your name and also few numbers. but you can change your profile username if available of anything you want.

And Now a days Facebook page is the best way for advertising anything, You can promote your products and services from the facebook page. If you create a facebook page then facebook give you default URL of your facebook page that looks very long and no can remember this type of URL.

Note: You can change your Facebook username Only Once. If it created then you can’t Change Facebook Username Again. Or If you have created first time then Facebook can gives you 2nd chance.

So How To Change Facebook Profile Username

change facebook username
change facebook username
  • Now Here Create custom Profile Username.
  • Check availability.
  • If the username will available then you can assign your custom username to your facebook profile.
  • Now you can redirect anyone to custom facebook profile URL

Change Facebook Page Username

Changing facebook page username is similar above steps. Follow these simple steps for changing your FB page username.

change facebook username
change facebook username
  • Then select your page to change username.
  • Check availability of your facebook page username.
  • If available then assign it.
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