Why You Should Give Proper Name Images & Media BEFORE Uploading into WordPress (5 Reasons)

You know, Images are a key part of any website’s effectiveness, Without images blog post looks like nothing. And many users don’t want to read post that haven’t images. Images help readers to understand better your content. Adding Images in WordPress decrease bounce rate.

But we often upload Images and other media files and figure we’ll label, or categorize it later.  But naming your image and media files are much more important.

Here’s why you need to name your media files.

#1. Searchable on your PC

Even from before you have uploaded your images adding keywords makes it easy to find on your PC as a matter of convenience.

#2. Searchable in the WordPress Media

If you have a lot of media files on your site having the files labeled with relevant keywords makes it easy to find the right file at any time.

#3. Title Tags Filled in automatically

The Title tag is the main way that search engines know what a file is and what keywords it relates to. The Alt-Text can be pasted from the Title and is used an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed.

When WordPress uploads a file it uses the file name to create the Title.

Keep in mind that images title and alt text can be edited on a post specific basis.

image tile tags
image tile tags

#4. For SEO

Search engine crawl and index images thru image alt text. Google doesn’t know images without alt tag. So Filling alt and title tags are important for any resource you add to a web page. This also helps you add weight to a post that focuses on a specific keyword phrase.

#5. Time Saving

By naming your files you save a lot of trouble in lost data and un-searchability both on your machine and on the web.

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