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The World has turned into a place where there is the survival of the fittest, and to survive this cut throat competition in business, you need to have an extra edge over the others. This can be achieved by marketing your product and services to broaden your audiences. Affiliate marketing is the oldest trick in the book. Here the affiliate gets rewarded for every visitor that comes knocking. It is a performance based marketing, better the performance better the reward. Simple right?

So it can be fairly said that “cost per action” marketing is when a publisher gets paid for every click or action on his or her website, which leads to the end advertiser’s product or service sale. It serves to be a gold mine for publishers as they get a huge amount of traffic on their site. This maybe a simple technique but it is the most efficient one to increase sales and revenue for the business. One example of such affiliate is admitad.

What is admitad CPA Network?

admitad is one of the biggest CPA affiliate network that expanding rapidly in the global market. With it’s easy to use interface and personalized tools, it is your best deal to advertise your product and services. They offer a plethora of categories for you to choose from, keeping in mind all your needs and providing the best service. What makes them special is their unique payment structure that is very secured and easy to use.  You have an option of choosing from different kinds of modes of payment. All of these features are available on one global platform at your doorstep.

It all started in 2010 when admitad was launched and had its headquarters at Heilbronn providing a head start to many businesses there. It didn’t take long for them to establish a foothold in the industry and they put their name on the map by opening seven offices to cover the globe. Their passion for innovating and impeccable execution of their ideas made them invincible. They are now in collaboration with over 1300 recognized international brands and  over 550000 publishers growing every day.

They have their strongest geo by volume in Russia, USA, India, Western Europe, and the UK. They are associated with the leading international brands such as Aliexpress, Nike, Adidas, eBay, Target,, Citibank and many more. The list is endless, so the question shouldn’t be why admitad, it should be why not admitad.

Here you see the advantages of being admitad advertisers & publishers respectively:

admitad advertisers

Why admitad for advertisers?

Renowned & Trusted by leading Brands: the ultimate aim of any business is to put their name on the map by earning recognition worldwide. admitad being one of the largest CPA networks aids you to achieve that effortlessly. You can widen your horizons by accessing to admitad’s huge network and showcasing your products and services to the whole world.

Result Oriented Publishers: admitad has a very fine filtering process where they don’t allow dishonest publishers at all and give you the option to choose the partners and publishers you want to work with. It also gives you the option to choose the apt traffic sources as well.

Centralized Organizational Structure: The secret behind admitad’s success is their seamless organization and devotion towards their partners. Due to lack of bureaucracy, Founder & CEO Alexander Bachmann is the only decision maker and even helps advertisers via consultations to gain their affiliate marketing success. Clients satisfaction is their top priority, and they stop at nothing till they achieve that.

How admitad Helps Publishers

A wide range of categories: admitad collaborates with many organizations which have various products and services to give you the most suitable advertisements for your sites. Some of the categories they are working with are following:

  • Online shops
  • Mobile Offers
  • Financial Offers
  • Online Games
  • Food Delivery
  • Services
  • Travel & Tourism etc..

admitad process

Unique payment structure: This unique feature makes admitad to stand a step ahead of their competitors. They follow a weekly payment pattern unlike a monthly one which is used by most of other networks. However, admitad also offers a variety of payment modes so that payment isn’t a trouble and is a smooth process. admitad provides a safety net for its publishers where they take the whole and sole responsibility of timely and secured payments. Recently, they introduced a fast payment mode.

Personalized and Multilingual support: Most of the time, Publishers get difficulty when English is not their primary language. But they want to grow in the affiliate marketing field with proper support. So, admitad already aware of such issues. So, come with an amazing solution where they provide multilingual support and personal managers for verified publishers. The support team members are always ready to guide and even give motivations for your good affiliate sales.

Apart from it, admitad doesn’t allow dishonest publishers and advertisers. Hence, they aim to create a safe space for all affiliate marketers. admitad even organizes trilateral meetings with admitad manager to get the most optimum marketing strategy. admitad utmost priority is to create awareness among the consumers by online advertising and not annoy or disturb them. They focus on imparting education to consumers to make them acknowledge the importance of fair advertising. admitad teaches the Internet users to make difference between spam and advertisements from reliable online shops or services taking to account the technological features of the Adblock extensions to create transparency.

How to join the admitad CPA Network?

admitad allows a user-friendly interface without any complications for the registration process. The procedure is very easy and doesn’t take much of your time.

Below I’m going to explain the steps for advertiser and publishers:-

How to Sign Up for Publishers account?

It is a 3 step process which takes max 30 seconds.

  • Step 1- Account information: you need to fill your details such as your name, email id and other contact info. You have secure your account with a reliable password and proceed to the next step by agreeing to the terms and conditions.

admitad signup

  • Step2- create an ad space: here you need to mention the specifications of your required advertisement. Being precise can help to connect to the best advertisers on the admitad platform.
  • Step 3- complete sign up you can also choose the advertiser if you want to and provide the residual details to be completely signed up.

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Apply for advertiser account

It is a single step process which includes:

  • Registration request of advertiser: you need to fill out the contact details and provide the link to your website. There is an option between where you need to mention if you have a private affiliation program or from other CPA networks. As soon you complete someone from the admitad team will connect you and help to organize your campaigns.


The success stories of admitad continue to progress with happy affiliate marketers. I think, after going through above information and analyzing all the benefits, you will come to know how admitad exploring publishers talents to make money online easily. With the availability of the several tools and transparent tracking system helps admitad to become one of the fastest growing CPA networks.So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for admitad today !!

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