Sunday, September 27, 2020

What to do for Google Adsense account approval

There is a common question that my site contains good content but why Google Adsense do not approve my site. There are several reasons for this. It is true that now a days getting Google Adsense Account Approval is kinda tough.   But it could be easy if you  maintain some standards. Today i will share some preconditions to get Adsense account approval.

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1. Sub Domain: Many users use sub domain site such as or Google does not show ads in this subdomain site. For this you have to buy an own domain or you can try . If you want to use sub domain then i will suggest you . will help you to get a adsense account within short time but problem is that they will eat your 50% earnings.

2. Good Content: Google Adsense requires good contents site. So it is important to have some good contents on your site. Write at least 15-20 quality articles (Min.300-400 words) and then apply for Adsense account.

3. URL Submit: Search your site in and check if google shows your site or not. If google does not index your site then click here to submit your site.

4. Page Index : After doing above three things,check google search engine index your page or not. To check go to type (yoursite means your domain name) and search for it. If you do not find any results of your site that means google does not index your page. To index your page you have to make a sitemap. After uploading sitemap in your server ,submit it to the google.

5. Website Type : Your website should be according to the Terms and Conditions of Google like no adult content, warez, gambling sites, Hacking and hate spreading websites.

6. Languages : Check google Adsense supported language list .

7. Easy Navigation : Try to keep your site simple and use easy navigation system. Site with white background looks awesome.

8. Others : Give your actual information while applying for Adsense account. Minor (Under 18) cannot apply for Adsense account. Check  Adsense Terms and Conditions & AdSense Programme Policies.

Note: If you are from India or China then your website must be 6 months older to get Adsense account.

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  1. My site comply all google adsense Terms and condition but I am not able to get approved . I have qualified the step one of approval but google rejects me during step 2


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