Persons behind the Top Websites of India and Their Income


We all use thousands of websites daily without giving a thought who the hell created them. Every successful website has a story behind it These are top popular websites (not blogs) in India which were founded by individuals and created history in indian internet. They all have the unique ideas and they also executed that idea perfectly.They are earning lot from their sites and services.Here is the list of top  Websites of India with brief information about them. Check Out Make Money Online Tutorial.


India; Mumbai; Bombay; Call Center; JustDial; Just Dial; Mani

Founder – VSS Mani

Estimated Earning – $3 million

The Story – VSS Mani is what we call the middle class Indian dream. He came from a middle class family, dropped his CA Studies and started just dial too late just because he didn’t have enough money. He arranged Rs.50,000 and made a company worth Rs.500 crore which we all know.

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Founder –  V V Raju

Earnings – $1.1  million / Year

The story – Entrepreneurship was always on Raju’s mind after completing MCA from Nagarjuna University. Raju started Way2sms on an ad supported model which is the most used bulk messaging service online in india. Its a win win situation for raju and his website users. Users gains as they are able to send a free sms and Raju gain as some of them click on the Ads.

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Founder – Ashish Kashyap

Revenue – $1 million / year

Other Websites –,

The Story – Prior to launching Ashish worked with organizations like MTv and Google india. Ibibo struggled a lot with its popularity in the starting days but gained popularity due to various features like sawaal and social gaming.


Anupam Mittal

Founder – Anupam Mittal

Estimated Earning – $5 million per year

Other Startups –

The Story – Anupam founded in 1996 and thanks to a Pandit who came for a mairrage proposal who inculcated the seeds in him. He thought it would be a great idea to arrange the soultion to the greatest indian problem and that too online. Currently have more than 10 million members and is the number one matchmaking website in India.


Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Founder – Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Estimated income – $6 million per year

Other Ventures – ,,

The Story – It took Sanjeev an IIT-IIM passout 13 struggling years to be known as founder of india’s most successful online venture. Sanjeev tried every business model of Naukri from trying to sell resume on CDs to surviving on wife’s salary and finally landed on the rising wave of india’s replication of sillicon valley.


Ajit Balakrishnan

Founder – Ajit Balakrishnan

Estimated Earnings – $40 million per year

The Story – Hailing from a Doctor family Ajit always wanted to be a  Football player but landed himself  to IIM Calcutta. He founded at the age of 42 in year 1996. He invested Rs. 2 crores in it and run the website without profit for three years. is the only indian portal  achieving a feat of being in top 100 websites of world.



Founder – B.G. Mahesh

Estimated income -$3 million per year

Other Ventures –

The story – After early education from Patna and Mysore he went on to his M.S. from University of Alabama at Birmingham.In 1990 he found it very difficult to find a job in the US due to Gulf war. The first website Mahesh created was itself which was a blog covering important informations for NRIs. is a website in which he have dumped everything what indians want, from astro to jobs, and from travel to wallpapers. His classified portal is also ranked fourth in top classified websites in india.


Satya Prabhakar

Name – Satya Prabhakar

Estimated Earnings – $3.5 million

The story – Satya Prabhakar is an NIT, Tiruchirapally Alumni and founded Sulekha which is the largest yellow pages website in the country. Satya raised money from Indigo Monsoon Group and Norwest Venture Partners to make  from two employees to more than 500 employees with 10 offices in India, US and Canada.

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