Fixed: No input file specified Error in Codeigniter

Hello guys, Today I’m working on a Codeigniter project for my client, And started getting the problem “No input file specified“. And tried many methods and searched on google also. and checked StackOverflow but it does not get me any solutions as using Shared hosting on client projects.

Sometimes when you move your local/staging Codeigniter project to live/client-server, make some changes in code in the production stage, then you find “White screen of death” in Codeigniter. A message popup showing “No input file specified”.

Then you search on internet sites like StackOverflow and find some code sites to make some changes in php.ini. But if your production server is hosted on a shared server, then this will not work.

So if you are using shared hosting, then we find very easy method to fix No input file specified Error.

no input file specified

I have also faced this issue and could not found a very informative solution to solve this problem. After some r&d, I found a very nice solution which may work on Godaddy, IIS Cpanel or apache, Nginx. Just change some code in your root htaccess file. Just append a question mark (marked as red) in your htaccess file.

Easy Way to Fix No input file specified

Here i have added very easy method to fix No input file specified Error in Codeigniter.

You Just have to add the ? sign after index.php in the .htaccess file, like in bellow screen.

No input file specified

If this trick worked for you then please add a comment and share your experience..

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