How to post graphics status updates on Facebook

Some Facebook lovers are looking to add Facebook graphics status updates but they do not know how to add Facebook graphics status updates. While surfing on Facebook, you might noticed some status that looks cool and some status seems to be heart touching.

This is era of social marketing. Most companies are exploring social networking websites to gain more focus from others. Even a single individual, either student, engineer, teacher, professional or a Kid has a Facebook account.
It is natural phenomenon that everyone wants to get light fame from Facebook. Earlier, Orkut is doing the same job but now, gone are the days. Facebook add lust or spice to your profile either by likes or by comments. The value of any page is judged from likes and comments. If we talk in technical language then it is talking percent of the page that matters.
If you add some cool or funny Facebook graphics status updates then automatically people hit likes and cannot restrict themselves to leave a comment on a status. This is power of Attractive Facebook status updates.
You can even attract others with the text status. In coming days. We have posted many Facebook tricks and tips Like How To Find Out Who Un-Friend You On Facebook. How to Enlarge Facebook Private profile Pictures and much more, you can see here.
 Now, coming back to original question- “How to post graphics status updates on Facebook”,  You can take help of special characters to  generate such custom graphical status. This graphics status can be created manually as well.  You can even use Emoticons to add facebook graphics.
You can also post ready made images or photos by browse them from your system and then upload them on your Facebook profile. It is easy step but some time, you are need of some Facebook graphical status which is not available in photo format.

Today, I am going to reveal some simple tips to add Facebook graphics status. Use which  provide you some graphics and images. All you have to do it to visit the website then copy the graphic image and then paste the same in Facebook wall. It appears in the same format with same margins and alignment.
Abhay Pratap Singh
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