Dynamic Ways To Promote Your Blog By Advertising For Free

You might be tired of working on promotional methods and extra techniques to push your blog to the next level. But let’s give it a try on something cool and totally free. What do you say?

The world is not a small place. Here we got many awesome gaps to fill it with our blog. In this article, We tell you some extra ways to advertise for free and promote your blog real-time.

So, you wanna promote your blog for free and effectively. promotion

  • Make Use of the Facebook Covers.

Facebook’s cover feature is a great idea to place your blog in a wide and eye catching place on profiles. You can upload and use any picture you want to give it a display.

Then why not try advertise on that area? I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss a wide, So go on and create a professional cover picture, add your blog address or blog name. Make sure the text stands out and roll it over to all the places you can.

  1. Use that pic as your Facebook Cover Picture.
  2. You might have a bunch of newbies or supportive buddies on your Facebook friend list. Give them the image and ask them to use it as their cover picture.
  3. If you or your friend have a popular Facebook group, just flag up your cover picture there too.
  • Print Blog URL in your Tees:

Yes,Its a great way to advertize your blog free. Some online tees companies providing custom made tees. you can contact them to print your blog url in tees.

  • Share Music Files:

You might be thinking, “how on earth could you promote your blog by sharing music”. Well, actually you can. It’s something I’ve tried and made sure it works.

I’m sure you have your own collection of music albums on your PC. You can hopefully edit or set the information details on the music files with your computer. There are some software like mp3tag which you can use it to edit the music details and set new music cover. s or neighbors who often come to you to copy them. Why don’t you then make use of that? Still confused? You wouldn’t be.

Create a 250*250 image with your blog address under it and set it as the cover pic. Edit the comment from the tagline suiting your blog and you are done.

When next time you play the song, you will have your own music featured picture up and running on the player with your blog link.

  • Video Watermarking:

This one works exactly like sharing songs. There are many watermarking software out there you can download for free and use.

Host up your Blog address as the transparent water mark at the side of the video and share it. Do it on all of your movies and video files. This is a great way to promote your blog and gain some movie guys as your readers.

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