8 Tips to Find the Best WordPress Hosting

When you start your WordPress blog you need to buy a domain name, and then you need to find a Best WordPress Hosting service. There are the people who are going to give you web space. They also give you bandwidth so that people may access your blog online. You will need to pay for this service in most cases, because the Free WordPress Hosting services are not very good more often than not. Plus, a lot of the free hosting services come with some sort of catch. Here are eight tips to help you find a good hosting service.Wordpress Hosting

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Read These 8 Web Hosting Tips Before Signing Up

1 – You need a secure hosting service

They should take security very seriously because the last thing you want is for the server to go down because a hacker got onto it. You also do not want to risk a hacker getting into your WordPress blog via the back door (the server). Most services are going to brag (in some way) about their server security. If the hosting service is not bragging about their security, then there is a chance they do not take it very seriously or do not invest a lot of time and money into it.

2 – Cheap services may be okay if you research them first

There are some legitimate cheap services out there, but it is better if you research them before you sign up. You should first look for negative reviews (as per tip number 8), but you should also look for any sort of catch. For example, is the cheap service just a starter price, or are they making it so that upgrading is going to cost you a lot of money?

3 – Make sure you may upgrade your hosting package

Tip number 2 stated that some services may trick you by offering a very cheap starter package, but then make it very expensive to upgrade. This is a nasty situation to be in, but it is worse if the hosting service offers no type of upgrade at all. If this is the case then you are not going to be able to scale up your blog in any way.

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4 – A maintenance schedule is a good sign

Not all of them are going to be candid about their maintenance schedule, but if they are then this is a very good sign. It shows that they are dedicated to the health of their server and hosting service. It also shows that they are courteous enough to warn you in advance about updates and down time. This will mean that your website is not going to go offline suddenly without you knowing in advance.

5 – Discover their down-time amount

They should have a downtime score of no more than 2%. All servers have to go offline at some point during the year, but this should be a very infrequent occurrence and it should preferably be scheduled so that you know when to expect it.

6 – Bandwidth should be plentiful and upgradeable

The bandwidth will allow people to view your blog. If you run out of bandwidth then people will no longer be able to access your site. If your bandwidth is limited then people will have trouble accessing your blog to the point where it loads very slowly. These are both very undesirable things to happen to your blog. Make sure your bandwidth is upgradeable for if your blog ends up being very popular.

7 – Shop around for the best deals

There are a lot of hosting services and a lot of different deals that you can try. The key is to gather as much information as possible and to look at as many deals as possible. The more you look at then the more you will learn about what is on offer and how much money you should really be paying. Use your shopping around as a learning experience, as well as just a method of finding the best deal. Do not forget that cheaper does not always mean better.

8 – Read reviews written by other people

Lots of them are going to be paid for by the hosting services themselves, so you need to look for the negative reviews. However, there is also a chance that the negative review is being paid for by a rival hosting service. So, what you need to do is look for commonalities in the negative reviews. For example, if a lot of reviews claim that the service is unreliable, then there is a bigger chance that it actually is unreliable and therefore should be avoided.

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