10 Things That Makes a Web Hosting Good [infographic]


#1. Uptime SHOULD be 99.99% – Did you know that 99.90% uptime is already 10 minutes of downtime per week? Most web hosting providers promise 99.99% uptime, but according toour reviews – that’s just not true. Something to be aware of.

#2. Page load speed under 500ms – Wile the page load speed largely depends on the site structure, there’s also a big role in web hosting provider. If your site loads slower than half a second, you are already losing visitors and customers.

#3. Unmetered disk space and bandwidth – You like limits? We don’t. Don’t get confused by unlimited, though.


#4. Reasonable pricing – A good shared hosting can be found under $5/month. And that’s less than XXL Coffee at Starbucks.

#5. FREE domain is an awesome perk for beginners. Don’t miss that opportunity.

#6. Renewal fees should be listed out, otherwise you might end up paying 3x more next year.

#7. Money back guaranteed at least 30 days after purchase (who knows, perhaps you want to cancel?).


#8. 24/7 customer chat – emails and ticket systems can be unreliable, you can’t get an instant support. If you are dealing with a host that has live chat – you’ve higher chances of getting your problems fixed sooner.

#9. Business name and address should be visible on the hosting provider website.

#10. It should have a cPanel (if it doesn’t have it, you might be dealing with a bad host).

10 Things That Make a Web Host Good HD 2

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