Top 5 Free Online Broken Link Checker Tools/Websites For Bloggers, SEOs

Broken Links or dead links are very harmful for your website. In technical terms, broken links are those links which gives 404 status code to search engines. Search engines hates it. It is also not good when your visitor clicks on a link on your website and lands on a dead page. So, you should always try to check and fix broken link on your website. Here, In This article, I am going to tell you 5 online free broken link checker tools where you can check your website broken links.

Check Broken Links
Check Broken Links

There are many reason why you should avoid having broken links to your website and why you should take preventive measure in order to make your broken link working again. Some of the noticeable reasons are :-

  • Broken links affect search engine crawling to your website
  • Broken links affect user experience
  • Broken links can decrease the trust value of your website.
  • Too many broken links are looked as a sign of weak quality site
  • Bots hates broken links too

Top 5 Free Online Broken Link Checker Tools/Websites

1). W3C Link Checkerbroken link

W3C Link Checker is  popular online tool that helps users finding broken links on their website. It also have few options like show only summary, hide redirects, sending referrer header etc. It gives broken links along with status and issue occurred while accessing the links.

2). Free link Checkerbroken link

Free link Checker is a nice online tool to find broken links. Just enter the URL of your website and wait for few minutes. It will list all internal and external broken links of your website. This tool also checks for image links.

3). Dead Link Checkerbroken link

Dead Link Checker is another powerful tool that can find broken links of your website. Enter the URL and press on check button. Depending on the pages on your website, it will give you list of all broken or dead links in few minutes.

4). Link Tigerbroken link

Sweet thing about this tool is as soon as it discovers any broken links, it sends you an email alert regarding broken link to your website. This tool will allow you to check 100 links every week for free. To get weekly alert from this toll you have register yourself first here.

5). Broken Link Checkerbroken link

This tool is fast and simple to use. This tool will help you in identifying both internal and external broken links within your website/blog.  Other than checking broken links this online tool also checks your CSS and image links as well. It gives you a description of your broken links, making it easy for you to detect broken links of your blog.

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