Increase Your Organic Search Traffic With HitTail [Review]

Everyone who are running a successful blog or online business know the importance of online marketing. Everybody want a good organic search traffic. You want your website gain high ranking on Google, you’ll get more free organic search traffic … and more money. Most people have no idea about one of the most important ways to increase organic search traffic. The Key is Long Tail SEO.

hittail review

Google loves the long tail keyword and most of organic traffic comes because of long tail keyword. Long-tail keywords are much less competitive and by focusing on them, you target 70% of search traffic that most people ignore.

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What is Long Tail SEO?

Before we cover the topic How to Increase  Organic Search Traffic, it is crucial that everyone understand what is long tail SEO. More importantly, we want everyone to understand the value of long tail Keywords along with knowing the reasons why most smart SEOs use long tail Keywords.

Long Tail SEO targeting niche specific keyword phrases usually a couple or more words in length. Ok If i am running a business web design company. I’d try and rank high in broad keywords like “web designing” and “web design services” etc. Keywords like that have tons of competition and it’s incredibly hard to rank higher in search engines by focusing on those keywords. So We need to use Long tail Keywords. Such as

  1. web designing services in delhi
  2. web design cheapest service
  3. design service best cheap rate

HitTail: best Tool for Long Tail SEO

Long Tail SEO
Long Tail SEO

The biggest benefit of going after long tail keywords is that you can start seeing immediate traffic increase because long tail keywords are usually less competitive.

What is HitTail?

HitTail, a real-time analytics tool that helps you drive targeted search visitors to your website by focusing on the most promising organic keywords in your existing traffic. HitTail uses an algorithm to determine the keywords which are most likely to rank well in Google through your site. Once you put their tracking code on your site, it quietly runs in the background to record search hits and keyword information. HitTail then analyzes all those keywords using their algorithm to provide you with a list of suggested long tail keywords that you should be able to rank well for. Using the keyword suggestions, you should be able to increase your search traffic fairly easily.

With HitTail, you get:

  • An algorithmic tool that sorts through 1.3 billion keywords – giving you assurance your data is the cream of the crop.
  • List updates every 30 seconds on what words drive traffic to your page – giving you immediate feedback on your SEO ranking.
  • A refined short list of your most effective keywords – saving you the pain of sifting through hundreds of words.

The HitTail Process

First you need to Signup With HitTail.  HitTail is a paid service but offer 21 days free trial. and you can cancel anytime during this period if you don’t like the service.

After Successful Signing up to HitTail. You will be given a tracking code to paste on your site. You need to paste tracking code before the </body> tag. If you are a wordpress user then you can use Hittail official wordpress plugin.

This is a tool which I recommend to both beginners to blogging, as well as those who have huge sites with tons of articles.

For the bloggers who already have big websites, it’s also useful since you can take a clearer look at your content and write new articles that might be related to ones you already have. HitTail makes it very easy, and combined with your experience of managing and writing in your blog, you’ll be creating epic blog posts that will bring tons of traffic. Indeed it’s not uncommon for users of HitTail to report improvements of up to 20% on their previous search traffic.

A Good example is WPBeginner who boost their traffic by 20% after a few weeks of using HitTail. There is nothing blackhat in using Hitatil. So you never hit by google updates.

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HitTail Pricing:

HitTail Offering you 21 days free trial. You can signup with HitTail for Free. You can cancel account anytime during this period if you don’t like the service.

Normally, other overly-complicated SEO tools cost around $99/month. You can Get Hittail personal plan at $9.95/month can handle up to 4,000 monthly unique visitors. HitTail’s most-popular Pro Plan is only $19.95/month, or $240 a year. This plan lets you collect data on 10,000 visitors per month.

With the Pro plan you also get the following extras:

  • One-click custom articles
  • Export keyword data to Excel
  • Email alerts for keyword suggestions
  • Filter between paid and organic search traffic

Claim Your Free Trial Of HitTail

My Opinion:

If you realy want to boost your organic search traffic then think about long tail keywords. Long Tail SEO is the solution to boost organic traffic. Most users search for relevant things, and they want relevant results. When someone want to buy Samsung Mobile  then they are searching mobiles or samsung mobile. But They are going to search for a specific type Mobile like “samsung galaxy grand 2” or “samsung galaxy grand 2 review” or  “samsung galaxy grand 2 price in india”. If you want to boost your organic search traffic using long tail SEO, then we highly recommend you Start using HitTail.

Abhay Pratap Singh
Abhay Pratap Singh
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