How to Open and Edit PSD files Without Photoshop

Photoshop files (PSD) are very important. Its a way to save image that you were editing on photoshop for working later. Web designer usually use PSD file format for designing work. But there is only one problem with Photoshop. It is paid and cost much. So, there are many people who can not afford. Still, there are many tools that works as good photoshop alternate. So, If you don’t own a copy of photoshop, you can not open or edit PSD files. But it is not impossible. Although, PSD is photoshop specific file format but many other free image editors now support PSD files and allow users to see and edit PSD files. There are some online tools also available that helps users while working on PSD files.


In this post, I am adding few tools that can read and edit PSD files.

GIMP is an open source photo editing software comes for various desktop platforms. It is available for Windows, MAC and Linux/Unix. It comes with strong photo editing engines and allows users to resize, edit, crop, combine and converting images to other file format. There are so many things which you do in an image. is a popular photoshop alternate and comes with a nice photo editing GUI. Although, it lacks PSD support by default, you can try using PSD plugin with it. After downloading the PhotoShop.dll to the File Types folder in the Paint.NET application directory. You can use PSD files with the tool.


If you only want to see the PSD files, you can try to convert it into many other image file formats. Try Go2convert online tool that can convert psd file into jpeg or other image image files. No login required for this tool. Most important thing about the tool is that it generates an archive file with all the separate layers, and a single merged image.

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If your file is stored in Google Drive, you can directly see the preview of the file using Google Drive file viewer. Google Drive supports many image format including PSD. If you only need to see the content of PSD file, you can store it on Google Drive and then see the preview of it.


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  1. This information isn’t complete, and because of that it’s misleading. For example, GIMP isn’t a replacement for Photoshop. It often has trouble opening PSD files with layers, which nearly all designers use to keep work organized.

    • Yeah you aer absolutely right that some PSD sometime creates problem in GIMP. Being specific I want to ask that can we know the font size using GIMP ?

      Actually I am using GIMP and don’t have Photoshop, so here I really face trouble to find font-size of any text in a PSD. It would be great help if you kindly share that any tool to find font-size ?


  2. Hello All,

    This is a great help by you guys. But I have some queries :

    Does any body put some light on – ” How to check font related information from a PSD file ? Like : font size, font weight etc. ”

    Please help here if something worthy you can provide.

    Thanks In Advance 🙂


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