How Blogging Can Change Your Life? Must Read For Newbies

Honestly you have no idea how can an idea generated in your mind can change your life. Yes, I am talking about blogging. Now these days blogging is power full way to convey your idea in the public. And it is also a great platform to reach the people like you. I came from Indian society where a very few people know about blogging. In India blogging is work of great thoughtful person who have great knowledge about things. But it is a myth any person can do it. Blogging, if done the right way, can change your life. It is an activity that anyone can do as it’s cheap and easy to start. In fact, blogging can help you in both personal and professional aspects of your life. Most people choose blogging as their hobby, but they fail to realize how it is changing their life. A blog can affect everyone in a different manner. Nevertheless, it is certain that no matter who you are, you will experience some type of growth from starting a blog.

Why Blogging:-

Blogging is one of the most popular forms of writing today as it helps grow your creativity, which can further open various digital doors for you across the world. Initially, you may find it challenging to figure out how to start but there are a number of guides and tools that offer step by step walk throughs for beginners.Blogging is means to spread views. Here you can transmit your idea or view about particular subject or issues. You can also share your experience about things. Very best thing you can express your inner conflict about any issue.

It is hard to believe and think that there was a time about almost 20 years ago, blogs don’t even exist and now there are more than 150 million of them on the web. On the other hand, it is the most powerful medium of communication for both businesses and individuals. Once you have started blogging, it is very important to maintain and update it regularly as it can also help you in boosting your career prospects.

Below are the way by which blogging can change your life

#1. It will help you in becoming better writer

Here you can become a better much time you spend here u can improve your writing skill.

#2. It will help in boosting your confidence

confidence should be your reflect in your post. Blogging is easy anyone do it. Boost your confidence.

#3. It will help you in becoming more organized think.

you should well known about your work. You have fun with your work.

#4. It will help you in building network of relationships

Here you will find people like you. I did not start blog to make friends.I start it only to show my frustration about some issues in which I can’t do any thing. I choose blogging to show my anger. Here I found a lot of people who have same views, and we start conversation now I am writing about a lot of things. It make me updated. Once you start blogging believe me it change your life. In my case when I start it I was empty mind I had no thought as I told before I use it only to show my anger at any particular issue but very soon I found fun with it and start reading books and update my knowledge to generate a new and useful thought. Now a various people read my post and make there comment which feel me happy and special. It feels that I am person with whom they(reader) relate themselves.

#5. It will help you in leading healthier life habits.

Blogging wants time and devotion. Once you starts blogging your habits will change.

#6. It will help in making money

Now a days blogging become popular means of earning money. Many people strats it for earning money only

#7. It will also help you in changing the life of others also

Phrase “An idea can change the life” is best suited here. It may possible your perception about things can change others lives. I know a lot of people belonging to me are very thoughtful. They have great ideas about life. Whenever I need I go to them and believe me all the time I surprised by there views. You have also such wonderful gift of god. The gift of thinking.

#8. It keeps your mind active

every one likes a creative person and blogging give you a opportunity to show your creativeness. Use graph cartoon paintings made by you in your post.

So now u can understand that there are so many reason of start blogging. It will definitely change your life.

Anup Dubey
Anup Dubey is New Blogger started writing here on

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