(Fix) Windows 10 Doesn’t Shutting Down Completely

Recently I upgraded my system into Windows 10. And I feel windows 10 is really amazing. But after upgrade i got a problem of laptop sutting down. When i try to shutdown my laptop then the screen goes off but the power light stays on and basically windows 10 does not shut down completely.

Whenever I have to turn on my PC again, I have to force the power button down until it completely Shuts down and start it back up again.

I tried several troubleshooting tactics and visited tons of forums and found the very easy solution to fix this windows 10 issue.

Lots of people already have this problem. so I’m going to share this trick to fix this issue.

How to Fix Windows 10 Not Shutdown Issue:

Here i have given 3 easy solution to fix the windows 10 does’t shutting down issue. Try these.

Solution 1: Device Manager Options

  • Press the windows button and type Device Manager. Click on Device Manger from Search Results.
  • Now click on System Device, available at the last.
  • Here select Intel(R) Management Engine Interface and right click and click on properties.
  • In Properties, select driver. (currently version 11.xxx)
  • Now uninstall and click on OK.
  • Reboot your system.
  • Now your windows 10 issue Fixed. Try to Shutdown.

If this solution not worked for you, Please try the second one.

Solution 2: Disable Hybrid Shutdown Manually

  1. Press the Windows Button and type power options and click on Power Options from search results.
  2. On the left side of the window click on Choose what the power button does.
  3. If needed, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable, underDefine power buttons and turn on password protection.
  4. From the enabled options under Shutdown settings section, uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended) checkbox to disable Hybrid Shutdown.
  5. Click Save changes button to save the modified settings.
  6. Close Power Options window when done.

If this solution not worked for you, Please try the 3rd one.

Solution 3: Perform A Full Shutdown

Another way to turn off your computer without Hybrid Shutdown is to perform a full shutdown, to do that, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on your Desktop.
  • Go to New, and click on Shortcut.
  • For “Type the location of the item,” input this:
shutdown -F -T ## -C “Your message here” (## can be any number from 0 and 315360000, and “Your message here” could be any text you want))
  • Click Next.
  • Name the shortcut by your wish.
  • Right-click the shortcut on from your desktop and click Properties.
  • Change the icon of the shortcut by your desire, just for the aesthetic reasons
  • Pin the shortcut to your start menu and you’re good to go

We hope any one of these solution will work for you to fix windows 10 issue. If you ahve any questions related to this, Please ask through comments.


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